Thursday 10 November 2016

Release Day Blitz, Review, Excerpt & Giveaway ~ Trans.fer.ence by Ava Harrison

Title: trans•fer•ence
Author: Ava Harrison
Genre: Contemporary Romance (Forbidden Love Story)
Release Date: November 10, 2016

Book Description:

The nightmares find me.
They steal my breath, slowly suffocating me.
I’m scared.
I want it to stop.
He’s supposed to help me.
Instead, he evokes something forbidden.
I know I should run.
But I can’t.
I’ve made my choice.
I want him.
There's only one problem...
He's my therapist.

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Our Review:

Reviewed by Donna ~ 3.5 stars
***ARC received for an honest review***

“Sometimes the most amazing moments are the ones we can’t talk about.”

Transference is a captivating story and centres around one of my favourite tropes…patient and therapist. A boundary that should never be crossed, a breach of trust and the code of conduct that therapists are strictly bound by, but what happens when a patient is “the one?”

“…my smile is an imposter. It lies. It says I’m okay. But I’m not. Every smile is a plea. Every smile is a prayer that they don’t see my pain.”

Eve is a woman that has suffered loss after loss and despite her best efforts, her life and in particular, her mental state begin to implode and all she can do is sit back and watch.  The hardest thing to do is firstly admit you have a problem and despite knowing she is on a slippery path she doesn’t succumb until her panic attacks become debilitating and embarrassing. One such attack landed her in the hospital and it is here she first crosses paths with Preston.

“Every tear pours out with strangled breaths and a broken heart. The tears of a child who grew up too fast. The tears of an adult who lost too much.”

Preston is a psychologist; he has his own practice but he also does gratis work at the hospital. When he first sees Eve, he feels a connection and despite all the danger signals he still leaves her with his card should she need sessions when she was released. Preston was a man that had his own issues and none more so than a guilt complex that was totally unwarranted. It is this that keeps him anti-relationship so to feel something for a woman was far from a regular occurrence add into the mix a patient and it was unheard of.

“She lingers in my office like a sin. She’s my sin. Not my salvation. And I don’t give a damn.”

This was a slow burn and Ava Harrison really delivered on that feeling of anticipation and intensity. You were constantly kept in that state of “will they, won’t they” which was climactic in itself. The pages oozed chemistry and you felt that hard fight from both of them to keep those feelings and urges under wraps.

My only niggle with this one was that the ending seemed rushed to me, I wanted more of these two as a couple, after all that build up I just needed a few more chapters. Maybe it was because I had grown so attached to these I didn’t want to leave them, or maybe I’m just greedy but for me, a little more would have gone a long way.

I loved the way that Ava Harrison portrayed Eve’s issues, they were delivered with emotional reality and you couldn’t help but empathise and sympathise with Eve’s plight. Life delivers you curveballs, life is not always pretty but it is how you deal with it that makes you stronger. Eve needed to find herself in transference and the way this was depicted throughout only made you believe in what they had all the more.

“Say I’m enough. Sacrifice for me. Fight for me. Wait for me.”

Transference was a really good read, for those that love a taboo romance this one definitely ticks the boxes. I will definitely be checking out other titles by this author.


His hand slides down my body to the waistband of my pants. He pauses.

The pressure of his hand is a reminder of what I want. Of what I desire. Pushing my body firmly into his, I let him know what I need.

I need is his hands on me. His fingers in me. 

He finds the button and undoes it. Wedges his hand between the thin material and my skin.

The pads of his fingertips slowly work themselves further downward. Each inch they travel sends a wave of chills to flow through my body; each nerve ending is pricked alive.

He pushes his hand lower and lower until I feel him trace the lace covering my most intimate spot. A whisper against my sensitive flesh.

“Please,” I moan, rotating my hips to help alleviate the hunger growing inside me. The flimsy material that covers me moves aside and his fingers trace down the seam of my skin. The movements are so slow, every part of my body quivers with anticipation.

“Dr. Montgomery, your next patient is here.” The receptionist’s voice slams through our lust filled haze.

About the Author: 

Ava Harrison is a New Yorker, born and bred.

When she’s not journaling her life, you can find her window shopping, cooking dinner for her family, or curled up on her couch reading a book.



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