Wednesday 16 November 2016

Review ~ Paparazzi (Evermore #3) by Andrea Smith

Book Description:

Book #3 in the Evermore Series.

"Alright Mr. Drake, are you ready for your close-up?"

The continuation of Neely Evans' saga finds her with a new and very lucrative career as a free lance celebrity photographer for the top tabloids, both in the U.S. and in Europe. As long as they can afford her rates, she will always get the picture - no matter what. And her camera never lies.

That's right, Neely, now known as 'Grace Evangelista,' is one of the most sought after of the global paparazzi. She's clever. She's calculating. And she's ruthless. 
She is . . . the best of the paparazzi. 

But she gets one pic she wishes she hadn't, because somebody she loves is going to get hurt.

Adult Content

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Reviewed by Donna ~ 4 stars
***ARC received for an honest review***

This series is like Andrea Smith crack and she knows how to suck you in well and truly. Paparazzi is the third book in this series following on from Crushed and Claimed and this book continues where Claimed left off. The final book, Star F*cking releases in December.

Paparazzi continues the saga of Neely and Seth, two people that are destined to be together, yet everything seems to be keeping them apart, none more so than their perpetual stubbornness, misunderstandings and neither willing to admit that they were wrong. However, it does seem as if there was a third party stirring the pot with regards to the demise of their relationship and Andrea Smith slowly ekes out the lengths to which this person went to for their own personal gain.

Andrea Smith really goes for the jugular on the emotions in this book as slowly but surely Neely’s past while apart from Seth are detailed painfully and sensitively. This part of the book was expertly delivered and my poor heart was totally decimated by the end.

In the present Neely, has crossed to the other side and as a means to make the money she needs she becomes a celebrity photographer, shooting under a pseudonym and being the mistress of disguise. Other photographers are jealous of her sudden rise to the top and celebrities fear her, but despite her success her heart is still empty without Seth.

“There was no excuse for lying, no matter what the circumstances, but to purposely wound someone because of some selfish need to dish out pain, well, it was inexcusable.”

Seth is still on his meteoric rise as an actor and yet despite the success he has always craved it feels empty. With success comes a price but is it worth it when you have nobody of substance to share it with? Seth is like Neely, living in the past, reminiscing and wondering what the hell went wrong.

With revelations, a plenty and karma being dealt where it was well and truly warranted Andrea Smith delivers a fact filled, emotional instalment that impatiently leads into Star F*cking. I am in desperate need of this instalment as I just hope that these two sort themselves out, else I will have to morph into the pages and bash their heads together. Frustrating…definitely, addicting…definitely. Bring it on Andrea Smith.

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