Tuesday 7 February 2017

Review ~ Out of the Storm by JB McGee

Book Description:

There's an eerie calm before the storm,
And my best friend is in the direct path of the hit.
I have to protect him, no matter the cost.
He's like a brother to me.
I'll do whatever it takes to make sure he's safe.
Even if that means being pulled into the vortex that is Jules Hemingway,
A sexy, fiery tempest that has the potential to destroy everything in her wake. 
All I want is to dive in, take my chances. 
But first, I must complete the mission—save my friend.
Though it may mean losing what really matters,
The only woman worth drowning for.

Something's amiss—strange and ominous, 
And I can't quite put my finger on it. 
When Theo Katawhateverhisnameis comes thundering in,
It's like lightning to my heart, my body, my soul.
It's a shock—a jolt, as I realize my life is a scam,
A scheme with no winners.
I'm in over my head, treading in a sea of lies, 
Leery of whom to trust,
Only looking to protect myself, my heart.
Together, we're wreckage, debris, 
but are we collateral damage in this perfect storm?

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Reviewed by Donna ~  3.5 stars
***ARC received for an honest review***

“Watch your front, back, and sides. All the time.”

I have read the majority of JB McGee’s books and this is a huge variance from her norm, this is her first foray into Romantic Suspense and for a first attempt, she did amazingly well. Along with the romance and the suspense JB McGee brings some light-hearted humour that lifted this book from the serious and gave some welcome relief and only endeared her characters all the more.

JB McGee presents us with a jigsaw puzzle in the first instance and being in the dark constantly is what keeps those pages turning at the rate of knots.  JB McGee reveals her clues ever so slowly and as the characters in this story are clued in, so is the reader. There were many twists and turns, one I definitely didn’t see coming and I loved the fact that this book actually knocked me sideways. Not many suspense reads pull that off, but JB McGee delivered a doozie!!

“Just two broken souls who weathered a hell of a storm, the only two to make it out alive and whole…”

Theo Whateverhisnameis was a fantastic character from the very beginning and this man oozed sex appeal and charm. His best friend, Marco, is worried about his investments with an investment firm and because Theo bails Marco out of every single spat he ever gets in, Marco turns to him. As Theo begins his investigations he cannot help but cross paths with Charlie and Jules.

Charlie and Jules are engaged and own the investment firm where Marco currently has his cash invested. Charlie seems to be the one that pulls the strings and Jules is the puppet. When Theo sets eyes on Jules the first time he is immediately smitten but one she is taken, and two she may be the enemy. In this web of lies, who can you trust?

JB McGee kept me guessing throughout and certainly captured that romantic suspense feel. My only niggle was repetition when jumping from one point of view to another, with the same scenes told in both point of views. For me, this stilted the flow of the story and definitely disrupted that “engrossed” feeling I had as new material followed. This is a case of instalust/love, but having that feeling myself when I met my husband it didn’t bother me at all.

“Cinderella fell in love with the prince after one night. She left her shoe. Jules left her necklace.”

Some of the situations these two got themselves in could have easily been avoided but then where is the fun in that. These two made for a great read and as they try to uncover the truth and protect one another allegiances are definitely tested and trust is one issue that comes to the forefront a lot.

With friendships and relationships tested to their limits and a Greek dirty talking sex god there is something for everyone.

“Cinderella left her shoe. I left my heart.”

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