Friday 24 February 2017

Review ~ Sin for Me (The Devil’s Music #1) by Lisa Marie Perry

Book Description:

Fans of Empire will love Lisa Marie Perry’s stylish, addictive novels of passion, drama, and seduction. The high-powered men and women behind Devil’s Music have made their fortunes building the hottest label in hip hop, but it’s the action behind the scenes that’s seriously steamy.

For Dante Bishop, music died the night he found his father’s body next to a syringe of lithium. Ditching Atlanta, Dante jumped on his Harley and left the family business to his sister. She became the heart and soul of Devil’s Music—until the board, including Dante’s ex, masterminded a takeover. Years later, Dante’s doing something he never thought he’d do: returning to Georgia to put his songwriting skills to good use. Reuniting with Chelsea Coin only sweetens the deal.

As the perfectionist COO of Devil’s Music, Chelsea doesn’t dwell on the past. If she did, she’d never forgive herself for betraying the Bishops in a corporate power grab. Now Chelsea needs help to save the company, and Dante’s a nonnegotiable part of the arrangement. Still brooding and hot as hell, Dante wastes no time stirring up unfinished business—and carnal memories Chelsea would rather keep buried. She’s come too far to risk everything on a man. But for desire this intense, she might just enjoy the sexiest mistake of her life.

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Reviewed by Donna ~ 3.5 stars
***ARC received for an honest review***

“You can’t beat the devil if you don’t play his game.”

This book is what I call “car crash reading.” Drama, drama, drama, drama and some more drama, but hell it was addictive. This was one of those books where you knew you should give up the ghost because these characters were all seriously fucked up. I mean, there was not one “normal” person in this book. If this is what the music industry does to people, why the hell would you work there?

But, in all honesty, I couldn’t put this book down. Marriage is definitely not a sacred vow, anyone is game no matter where they are sitting or currently are, back stabbing is rife and considered the norm, friendships mean absolutely nothing and family ties are stretched to their limits. Everyone in this book was toxic in one way or another and if you were under the Devil’s Music umbrella you became toxic too. The walls bled poison and this poison was extremely potent.

“Transparency’s a luxury in the entertainment industry…”

Devil’s Music is a record label steeped in history and the majority shareholding was left to Delilah Bishop after the death of her father. Delilah lived and breathed Devil’s Music, it was her baby, what she lived for, until those closest to her did the unthinkable and took it away from her. Delilah went downhill fast, but now back on her feet, she is out for revenge and she is taking no prisoners.

Dante Bishop is Delilah’s brother, he walked away from Devil’s Music while he still had a chance. The company had drained him dry both physically and emotionally and the icing on the cake was the demise of his relationship with Chelsea, the current COO of Devil’s Music. She betrayed him in the worse possible way and he still hasn’t gotten over it, or her. His sister now wants what it is rightfully hers and she is asking him to go back into the lion’s den all in the name of revenge, both hers and his.

“There’s no line to straddle. You’re either on her side or mine. And…I’ve got no one but you. This isn’t just about business. It’s about family. So be sure you’re good with the consequences on reneging on me for that bitch.”

Sin for Me is like a soap opera with a slim picking of a second chance romance. You need to keep your wits about you as Lisa Marie Perry hits you from all angles with sexual relations, jealousy, under hand dealings, huge ego’s and a failing music label. Loyalties are tested, deals are made but can you take anyone at face value? Does everyone have a hidden agenda? Is everyone hiding behind a façade and living a lie?

This book was like crack and with that ending I am certainly a Devil’s Music junkie. I seriously need book two and cannot wait to see what the hell is going on. 

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