Friday 21 April 2017

Friday Frights ~ PNR Review ~ Alpha by Madisyn Ashmore

Book Description:

He'll melt you from the inside out... 

Aidan Channing is an alpha wolf shifter. He’s a ripped and protective male who knows exactly what he wants. And what he wants is the sexy young lawyer, Olivia Ryan, who just showed up in his small Alaskan town. 

When a young woman winds up murdered in the ice, Olivia must defend the innocent shifter who’s been framed for murder. Olivia enlists Aidan, the pack’s alpha, to find the real killer. With explosive chemistry, their passion is unbound. 

But Olivia is in danger. Not all shifters approve of humans, and some are out for blood. Will Aidan be able to protect his new mate before she ends up dead…or worse? 

Compulsively readable, Alpha is a passionate, enthralling paranormal romance and a must-read for shifter fantasy fans. 

Are you into steamy, fast-paced standalone paranormal romances with a HEA? Alpha is all that plus spicy, sexy, and HOT! Can you handle it? You’ve been warned…

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Reviewed by Shirley ~ 4 stars

If you like your books hot and steamy this is the book for you. It is very erotic and the lovemaking between the two main characters will get the pulses jumping and there is plenty of them to keep it jumping throughout.

Olivia Ryan is a new attorney from California and has taken the opening for a new associate in the law firm in Bond, Alaska. After all the heat from where she came from Olivia thought a bit of snow would be lovely. Well she couldn't have got any more snow than in Alaska and the biting cold but despite all that she was settling in quite happily in her new environment.

Her first major case comes with a wolf shifter, Chase Reynolds, being accused of murder of a human woman. By Alaskan law, shifters and humans had equal rights but a lot of the population, human and shifters did not agree with this edict, so this was going to be a hard case for Olivia to defend.

Olivia believes Chase is innocent and she is determined to prove it in a court of law. This brings Olivia to her meeting with the local Alpha, Aidan Channing, whom she has come to get some help in finding an alibi for Chase.

When their eyes meet, the attraction was palpable. His was a brilliant, smouldering, icy blue that made Olivia feel

“A primal desire.
A heat that burned within.”

But she was doing her best to keep that to herself and act professionally. Asking Aidan if he could her with the case against Chase. Aidan pointed out to her that if she was to do any justice for Chase she had to learn about pack law and so their blistering hot relationship began.

Olivia had only been in casual relationships before but getting to know Aidan was a totally different ball game. Lust pulsed through her body for him

“I'd never met anyone so virile and ruggedly handsome as Aidan. His dark hair and deep penetrating eyes accented his firm, delicious lips. I wanted him to kiss me so I could taste the luscious flavour of his mouth.”

This was no slow and steady build up to getting to know each other. It was frenzied and passionate and Aidan showed Olivia a love that was explosive but also gave her the feeling she was protected. Something she hadn't felt for a very long time.

There is certainly more than meets the eye in the case brought against Chase and Olivia was determined to prove his innocence even if it put her in danger, which it did, but be sure Aidan was never far away.

This is the first foray into the world of shifters and being set in Alaska was a stroke of genius being different from the norm. Great read and hope to see more in the future.

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