Friday 5 May 2017

Friday Frights ~ PNR Review ~ Fur Fox's Sake (Shifters Undercover Book 2) by Milly Taiden

Book Description:

In the second novel from bestselling author Milly Taiden’s Shifters Undercover series, two shifters must work together to unravel a gripping mystery while fighting their fierce passion…

Marika Paters has an energy coursing through her that others can’t explain. Maybe it’s the curious fox that lies within that gives Marika joy in her work as a geneticist for the only forensic laboratory for animals. But while her research unravels mysteries—like startling new data that threatens to dismantle everything science knows about shifters—Marika has always felt incomplete, just another lonely shifter looking for her mate.

Following a family tragedy, Fellowship Agent Devin Sonder believes he will never find love. But the panther inside knows his mate is out there somewhere—and he can’t give up. When the bodies of a senator and a mysterious dead wolf lead Devin to kind, playful Marika, he feels a powerful, magnetic attraction…even though their personalities clash.

With more dead wolves found, Marika makes a revolutionary discovery about the origin of the beasts. Together with Devin, she races to find out who could be creating shifters—and why. But can the fierce alpha panther and the fiery, driven fox put their carnal desire aside to hunt down the mastermind before more shifters die?

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Reviewed by Shirley ~ 4.5 stars

What a great series and book this is. It is funny, exciting and the love scenes are so hot they sizzle.

Marika Peters is a very cute fox shifter who works for the Fish and Wildlife Service in the forensic laboratory for animals, as a geneticist. At times, she feels lonely always on the lookout for her mate. Working on documents found from the past which is turning around everything they thought they knew about shifters, she is pulled into the murder of a senator and a dead wolf shifter that is certainly not the norm.

Fellowship Agent Devin Sonder is a panther shifter. Because of a family tragedy he feels that he will never find his mate even though his panther doesn't agree with him. Devin has been put in charge of finding out who has killed the senator and also to find out everything he can about the mysterious dead wolf that was found with him. In doing so he finds himself asking a certain fox if she would have a look at this wolf that they had found.

Just talking on the phone by Skype and seeing each other and hearing each other’s voices brought both their animals to the fore, oh yes, the pair just had to meet and soon Devin was speeding to the laboratory he couldn't get there fast enough.

“Mate was going through his mind. Her voice and laugh sent joy through him and seeing her beautiful face, his heart melted.”

As soon as the two met they were in each other’s arms, breathing in deeply, taking in each other’s scent. Devin not wanting to scare Marika thought he would take it slow and kissed her on her cheek. That was not good enough for Marika.

“No wimpy cheek kiss for his mate. No. She was fire, ready to burn. Let the scorching begin!”

And so, their courtship began. They may be chalk and cheese at first glance but there is no denying the passion that runs so hot through their veins.

“A rush of emotions from both of them filled her chest. She couldn't make heads or tails of all the affection she felt coming from him. Much to her shock, her heart dropped all walls and an instant wave of love and care for Devin filled her heart.”

Not only do you read about Devin and Marika's budding and torrid relationship, you have everything else going on in the information Devin is finding out through the death of the senator. Also, you have a Machiavellian character in the background causing all sorts of trouble. And then you have Devin’s partner, Russel, who is a very endearing character that you just have to love. He has a very funny and a little bit scary escapade in the book which made me laugh. Great character.

This book is a very enjoyable read. Lots of passion, lots of fun, just what you want in a paranormal romance. Love it Ms Taiden.

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