Wednesday 3 May 2017

Review ~ Enemies with Benefits (Enemies with Benefits 0.5) by Annika Martin and Joanna Chambers

Book Description:

They're dangerous men. Absolute enemies. And totally hot for each other.

Two years ago, the men in Will’s unit were killed in an ambush because they were betrayed. Now Will has a chance to go after the corrupt billionaire who sold them out. 
One problem: the billionaire’s bodyguard. Nobody knows what he looks like; they only know him by the trail of bodies he leaves behind. 

Will their passion destroy them both?

Kit’s a hardened assassin who’ll do what it takes to protect his boss. But when Will moves on the billionaire at an elite party, things with Will and Kit take an unexpected—steamy—twist. 
Now Kit has to convince Will to walk away--from his quest for justice, and from the red-hot passion that's spinning out of control.

This is the prologue novella for ENEMIES LIKE YOU, out May 15th, 2017


Our Review:

Reviewed by Donna ~ 4.5 stars

“Sometimes you have to disengage your personal conscience in order to achieve the greater good.”

I never thought I would quote Shakespeare while reviewing this novella but “though she be but little, she is fierce” sprung to mind as I turned the last page. OMG, seventy pages chock full of stuff and I mean the kind of stuff that makes you salivate for the main course. This is the starter (AND IT IS FREE!!) and if the starter is this good then BRING ME MY MAIN!!!! Full of meat and two veg, pun well and truly intended.

I want to talk about the twist, but I REALLY cannot talk about the twist, you need to experience that baby all for yourself, but OMG THAT TWIST!!! I cannot say how desperate I am to read Enemies Like You and we only have to wait until May 15th.

Will is a freelance assassin who works with the CIA. Will’s main reason for taking on the job is because the target is Sergei Polzin, the Russian who was ultimately responsible for the death of his comrades and he won’t sleep until he has avenged their deaths.

“I’m a loner. Always have been, always will be. I like my sex like I like my grenades: simple, fast, and furious. One-time use.”

Kit is Polzin’s bodyguard but this is a means to an end, because Polzin has something that Kit wants and the only reason Polzin has not been killed at his own hands is because Kit still doesn’t have it. Kit needs Polzin alive but when he gets what he wants, he will be the one the kill him. No-one else.

So, we have Will versus Kit, or is it Kit vs Will…who knows how this one will pan out, but all I can say is that this was bloody HOT!!! I mean HOT of the SCORCHING variety, if this is what happens with one meet I can see myself needing a fan and the kindle needing the freezer.

“I prefer you on your knees.”

Enemies to lovers is one of my favourite tropes and if this goes the way I think it is going to go then I’m sold, gimme a front row seat and shut the door. Me and my kindle have a date. Bring on the 15th May!!

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