Friday 30 June 2017

Review ~ Crosshairs (Predator & Prey #2) by Kate Stewart

Book Description:


It’s a liar’s word. No one is ever truly safe.

Daniello still haunted me—in my bed, in my dreams, in a ridiculous notion of a future we would never have.

I was drawn to darkness, and he was the abyss.

My love for him made me flesh and bone—vulnerable.

I was finally a woman with something to lose and would do anything to keep it.
But when my past caught up with my present, it became clear that safe would forever remain an illusion. 

Laz was coming for us, his looming darkness a threat to the life I carefully designed. 

Armed with hope, and ready for battle, I never imagined the casualties of the war that came to me. 

And then I lost all control.

****This is the conclusion to the Predator and Prey Duet.

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***If you are not a fan of cursing, erotic and extremely explicit sex, immoral behavior, violence, dysfunction or sexual scenarios that may make you feel uncomfortable this is not the book for you. FILTHY. EROTIC. SUSPENSE.

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Reviewed by Donna ~ 4.5 stars
***ARC received for an honest review***

“It’s not the monster you love. It’s the memory.”

Ooooo Kate Stewart more than delivered with Crosshairs, this author bought her emotional ‘A’ game. I cried a river reading this book, Kate Stewart always manages to evoke those tears whether she means to or not. I ran the gamut of emotions such was the character connection, the heat packed into this book was seriously sizzling, mix this all with some serious intrigue and this was one riveting read. There were twists and turns aplenty, some I saw coming and some I didn’t, this book was intense, seriously intense, totally unputdownable, unpredictable and an amazing finale to this duet.

“Kissing is for lovesick fools. You get my fortune and my cock. That has to be enough. My heart is no good.”

Crosshairs picks up from where Camouflage left off and while the beginning was a little on the slower side I was grateful for the break of pace, because knowing how this author delivers, she wasn’t going to take it easy on the reader for long and it wasn’t long before the first sucker punches were delivered.

“He was the predator and I his prey.”

I have been anxious as to how Taylor and Daniello’s story was going to pan out. These two were total opposites and yet their connection was palpable, every scene between these two was electric whether they were simply talking or making moves with their bodies. The current that runs between these two was ever present on the pages and you could almost feel the sizzle with every page turn. It is not often you feel that between a couple, but when these two were together the pages seriously lit up. That sexual chemistry was palpable and I felt it. As I said above, the character connection was on point and I lived and breathed this story, when they hurt I hurt, like seriously hurt, but this is what I treasure about this authors words, she always brings it.

“He would tear my castle apart and ruin my kingdom if I’d let him. Because I loved him. Someone had to love the fucking villain.”

I am going to be seriously vague in this review because you need to read it as the author intended, you need to experience those highs and lows first hand to truly appreciate the story telling that this author perfectly penned. The flashbacks to Taylor’s past go a long ways into making the reader understand Taylor as a person and how she has become the woman she is today. These past chapters made this book for me. From the first one I was intrigued and was totally invested in her past just as much as I was her present. There is so much I could say about her past, but I can’t, but the person that gave her the means to be the strong, independent, powerful woman she is today…holds a huge piece of my heart too.

“You will be my greatest investment, my legacy…and my downfall.”

Daniello has always been a mystery, an enigma, but I couldn’t give a fuck because he was seriously hot as sin. Alpha, protective, a man’s man, he was alluring, charming, innocently funny and yet just his mere presence haunted the pages. Daniello was like a male siren and boy did he call. Finally, we get to know the man, his past, his family and his calling. While there is still that intrigue surrounding him, Kate Stewart gave us everything we needed to draw our own conclusions and he firmly planted himself on my BBF shelf.

“And Taylor appealed to every part of me. Even the man who would burn down a village to prove a point. I was that man, and I wanted this woman. But I had years of scattered ashes in my wake. And though she’d risen from hers, I washed myself daily in mine.”

This was by no means your run of the mill romance. This was Kate Stewart’s dirty side and every powerplay, battle for dominance and erotic yet sensual sex scenes are what seriously ramped up the heat factor in this book. But, Kate’s angel side, that emotional side was prevalent throughout and really balanced these two as a couple and made the reader believe in them as a couple. Their path is far from simple, the mountains are high and the valleys are low, but if any couple have the strength to make it work, it is these two. From the edge of my seat for most of the ride my fingernails bitten to the quick, Kate Stewart showed just how powerful and consuming her stories really are. Another winner, a great ending to this duet and I will part with one word…CEDRIC. Kate Stewart…CEDRIC, CEDRIC, CEDRIC, CEDRIC.

“Sleeping dogs can’t lie, they’re asleep.”

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