Monday 25 September 2017

Release Day Blitz, Review & Giveaway ~ Girl Crush by Stephie Walls

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Release Date: September 21, 2017

Book Description:

I was done.Done with men. Women say it all the time; they get fed up, throw their hands in the air, and vow a life of celibacy—until the next chiseled chest comes into view and then they’re foaming at the mouth and wiping the drool from their chins. But this was different, I really meant it. I’d been manhandled by the last pig that would ever bring his sausage near me. After one of the nastiest divorces in history, followed by some of the crudest and raunchiest dates, I’d decided to bat for the other team. …At least I tried. But creating the next Brat Pack hadn’t been on the agenda. Neither had Collier West. And I wasn’t prepared for finding true love at the end of my gal-pal tryst.


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Reviewed by Donna ~ 4 stars
***ARC received for an honest review***

“I just need you to show me the ropes. Give me some dating pointers. The how-to guide to wooing the hoo hoo.”

Friends to lovers is one of my favourite tropes and Stephie Walls delivers a romantic comedy that totally embraces this trope. Silly gutter humour had me laughing out loud with some rather ill-timed snorts and tears of laughter as Stephie Walls regales us with the hilarious shenanigans of Giselle trying to find love.

This was a really quick read for me, full of fun and plenty of laughs, the perfect pick me up or palate cleanser after some heavy reads. Girl Crush is a totally different side to Stephie Walls and even being forty the childish humour certainly embraced my own as full belly laughs became the norm as were the weird glances from the people surrounding me. Giselle is certainly a character and after a nasty divorce and a slew of appalling dates she finally decides that she is giving up the ghost with men and is going to bat for the other team.

“…you don’t just decide to eat pussy, Giselle.”
“I’m assuming it’s like beer…an acquired taste.”

Collier was the brother of one of Giselle’s female dates and these two become fast friends. Even though Giselle has sworn off men she cannot help the attraction she has towards Collier and it seems that the attraction is more than reciprocated, even though Collier is firmly aware that she is a lesbian.

The friendship between Collier and Giselle was stunning, as two people, who are bitter to the world of dating become firm friends and confidantes. Collier tries to keep his emotions in check but he soon finds himself caring and worrying about the car crash that is Giselle.

“…because you don’t realize you’re gay, Gizzy. You like dick. Lots of it. What you don’t like are the assholes attached to the pole. But you very much like penis.”

Low on angst, huge on feels and laughs, Stephie Walls delivers the perfect rom-com where the ingredients were extremely well balanced. Yes, the humour is a little juvenile, but hell, I haven’t laughed this hard in a long time. I had a stitch, I had tears of laughter, I was snorting, I couldn’t help it and at the end of the day that was the objective of this book and Stephie Walls nailed it.

“I can’t deal anymore. I’ll learn to love snatch. Plus, there’s always strap-ons.”



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About the Author:

Stephie Walls is a literary whore - she loves words in all forms and will read anything put in front of her. She has an affinity for British Literature and Romance novels and an overall love of writing. She currently has nine novels out, four short stories, and has collaborated in several anthologies/collections with other authors; all provocatively written to elicit your imagination and spice up your world. 

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