Thursday 19 April 2018

***GIVEAWAY*** 5 year blogversary

***5 Year Blogversary Giveaway***

So, in my blogging haze I didn't realise I had been blogging for 5 years a couple of weeks ago, so for a few days I'm going to be doing some giveaways!!

I have had a fantastic time blogging, I have made so many friends, have attended loads of signings, met some amazing authors, but the best part is reading over 2,300 books!! I have lived over 2300 lives and journeys.

I have selected my top reads from each of the past five years and will give away a few or more signed paperbacks to some lucky winners. All you have to do is like and comment with which paperback from the picture you would like signed. Tag the author if you can so they know they are loved. Shares would be appreciated!!

Good luck!!

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