Thursday 21 June 2018

Release Day Blitz, Review & Giveaway ~ Family Ties by Stephie Walls

Release Date: June 21, 2018
Cover Design: Wicked by Design

Book Description:

With a history like ours, the meaning of the word family tended to tangle into something unrecognizable. DNA and bloodlines didn’t tie us together, and neither did our last names. Various shades of grey blurred the branches of our twisted family tree.

I wasn’t her brother. They weren’t my parents. Not that it mattered… She was off limits. Portia was my friend. Then my foster sister. And she’d always be the love of my life. 



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Reviewed by Donna ~ 4 stars
***ARC received for an honest review***

“Never doubt how much I love you…or how long I will wait for you. My heart is yours to keep.”

Family Ties was a different kind of read from Stephie Walls, one that I didn’t expect, because once again, I went into this totally blind, I didn’t even read the synopsis. I love it when a book surprises you and when I saw where this one was going I was totally invested. This was a beautiful, emotional read from Stephie Walls, a forbidden love story of sorts when two foster siblings fall desperately and hopelessly in love. A love born from friendship and respect, from trust not given freely but earned and from insane chemistry that once admitted, could no longer be dismissed.

From a young age, Jude and Portia have always had a close friendship. Portia was the foster kid without any parents and ultimately was adopted by her foster parents. Jude was the kid with an incredibly sick mother, who would find himself with the same foster family time and time again when his mother was out of remission. Living together on and off, these two shared a close bond, they understood each other, they respected each other’s feelings and never diminished what they had. When Jude’s mother dies and they find themselves permanently together that friendship only intensifies. Jude shuts himself off and the only person that can chink through his emotional armour is, Portia.

“I was a Band-Aid when he needed a tourniquet. He was bleeding out, and instead of stopping the loss, I merely mopped up the pool.”

These two have never had familial feelings, despite what they might say to try and cover their true emotions. They have no blood ties, so as far as forbidden goes, there is nothing forbidden about it, however, their parents see them as siblings and it is this and what others think, knowing their situation that holds these two back from admitting what they have both known for years.

“Portia couldn’t grasp that without her, my nights never ended. The sun never rose. Days without her light weren’t days worth living.”

Stephie Walls deals with grief in this book and really brought home those emotions. The character connection was on point and Portia and Jude firmly imprinted themselves on my heart and soul. Both having come from totally different backgrounds yet find familiarity in where they end up. Both bounce of one and other and each buried into the others soul. Their connection was formidable, born from years and years of friendship, the perfect foundation for any relationship.

“Our family tree might have started off with different roots, but over the years our trunks had grown together until the branches now wove an artistic tapestry of love. It wasn’t born from DNA or bloodlines, but by choice. And we were all connected by those family ties.”

This book was beautiful, honest, intense and it was passionate, both in and out of the bedroom. A different twist to what I have read before and I couldn’t put it down. The bond between these two was unbreakable and despite their hesitancy they were only delaying the inevitable. I loved their foster parents, selfless, compassionate and so full of love, despite the lack of connected blood running through their children’s veins. Two people incredibly unlucky to not have their own, but who throw everything into the relationship they have with Jude and Portia. The love that flowed through them was palpable. This was a stunning story and was another great read from Stephie Walls.

About the Author:

Bestselling author, Stephie Walls is a lover of words—the more poetic the better. She lives on the outskirts of Greenville, South Carolina in her own veritable zoo with two dogs, three cats, the Mister, and Magoo (in no preferential order). She would thrive on coffee, books, and Charlie Hunnam if it were possible, but since it’s not, add in some Chinese food or sushi and she’s one happy girl.

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