Wednesday 17 April 2013

Moving Forward (Timing is Everything 1) by Erika Taylor

Reviewed by Donna 4 Stars
This story is about Jesika, she is a widow with a son called Jaxon, she is trying to Move Forward..get on with her life, try and actually get a life whilst putting her son first, he is her life and her world. She has not had a relationship since her husband died, just worked and looked after Jaxon. Whilst attending Jaxon’s school for a parent job’s day she bumps into Derek..she has seen him before in the playground as he has a daughter but she never really knew anything about him, apart from the fact that he has made things twitch in her that have not twitched for a long time.
Derek is a fire fighter and a drummer wow, what is not to like?? He is totally gorgeous (of course), romantic, is a single parent and idolises his daughter and he is single… Jesika is a bit reluctant to do anything about this potential liaison but with a bit of gentle persuasion from her best friend Mallory (who is an absolute hoot by the way) she ventures into the world of dating…with Derek.
There are lots of ups and downs, secrets revealed, trust issues etc the usual angst that accompanies a new relationship and an interesting read, but this story is about two people learning to love again, learning to trust, learning to live and gradually Moving Forward together, but it isn’t easy.
This book has some truly heart stoppingly romantic times that had me melting, but there were loads of times I was laughing my head off normally involving Mallory and Seth (who is Derek’s brother and band mate)..I can’t wait for book 2 which is Mallory and Seth’s story.
This is a book for us hopeless romantics that like a good case of swoon every now and again, loved it!

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