Wednesday 17 April 2013

Second Chance Boyfriend (Drew & Fable 2) by Monica Murphy

Reviewed by Donna 4 Stars
You have to have read One Week Girlfriend before reading this one..
This book continues 2 months after the end of One Week Girlfriend.. Fable has not seen or heard from Drew and is still confused as to why he just upped and left..she still loves him but is too proud and too wrapped up in her own problems to do anything about it. She has got a new job at a more exclusive bar and is on better money so she can support herself and her little brother Owen.
A chance meeting at said exclusive bar puts Drew and Fable together once again, Fable realises that the feelings have not gone away as does Drew, he realises how much he loves Fable and that he doesn’t ever want to lose her again. He needs to sort himself, get on with his life and that includes Fable.
 The chemistry that these two have is seriously hot, you can feel it when they are together ,  however after this chance meeting Fable is not willing to put herself out there again. Drew goes out on a lads night out, that he doesn’t want to go on and ends up getting drunk, he calls Fable to come and help him, she drives him home and they end up reuniting, with some very steamy, very hot make up sex. They realise that they belong together and that they need to communicate better and work at this relationship that they have going. This will always be difficult with Fable’s troubles at home and Drew’s troubles with his dad and step-mum.
Fable’s mum puts the first spanner in the works by losing her job and clearing the house out of all furniture leaving Fable and Owen with nothing. They both go to live temporarily at Drew’s place until she can find somewhere else for them to live.
Then comes the step mum Adele, she is pure pure evil and what happens in this book does not change my opinion of her one bit, I cannot say what happens as it will spoil it, but she is one piece work. Also, very annoyingly we still don’t know if what was revealed at the end of One Week Girlfriend is actually true.
One good thing from this is that Drew seems to build a better relationship with his dad through this, secrets are revealed to him and he realises exactly what Drew has had to contend with, this somewhat helps Drew come to terms with it himself and ultimately this helps with his relationship with Fable.
Must admit, not sure I would be happy that this is the last we hear from Drew and Fable, I mean I would love to see marriage, kids etc etc etc see where their life takes them going forward, after having such a journey to get them to this “happy place” I would love a book just about them in their happy times and relive their amazing connection once again…who could ever tire of MARSHMALLOWS!!

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