Tuesday 16 April 2013

Obsession (Darkness Falls 1) By Ivory Quinn

Reviewed by Donna 4.5 Stars

OMG what have I just read!!!!! 4.5 starssssss!!!
This was just WOW and totally unexpected and to think that this is a debut novel is just amazeballs!!

I really do not know where to start, I am still speechless from the ending...totally unexpected and I am devoid of all sense of feeling..the author was very brave!!

The only reason for 4 stars is that I did not cry, I am a total wimp I will admit and cry at the drop of a hat even when others are laughing..so I was a bit shocked that I didn't cry during this book, I was close but was never tipped over the edge.

Gabriel Hallow was a very broken man it was painful to read about his inner turmoil yet during the book he showed his softer side and it made you feel for him. He is very successful as lead singer of a rock band called Darkness Falls, he is a producer and song writer he is also extremely wealthy. His persona on stage is masked and he revels in the anonymity so nobody has yet put the two together of Mr Hallow and Mr Darkness. Gabriel was abused as a child and this has lead to him being a dominant and having a playroom. But he is lonely, feels that he cannot be fixed and is in need of help. He is currently being ostracised by the public as some of their songs have led to a few teenage suicides so he is public enemy number 1. He really is an enigma!

Gabriel sees Noelle Winters in a local coffee shop and immediately becomes entranced with her to the point of stalking her for days. He eventually plucks up the courage to approach her and decides to spill coffee over to enable this chance meeting, it is a case of insta lust which sometimes can be a bit unbelievable but I did actually believe this with Gabriel as his personality is the type, however it was a bit unbelievable with Noelle. Noelle is a shy, sexually inexperienced school teacher and Gabriel wants her, needs her and wants to break her...but can she be broken???

This is a dark story that takes you into the world of BDSM but not too in depth, it is about Noelle exploring her boundaries and limits and her sexual preferences and Gabriel taking her on that journey. I don't want to say too much as it will give the story away but this is a must read and the ending was just OMG you cannot be serious!!!! You did not just write that, how could you?... This boom does not have a HEA there is no hearts and flowers and all things sparkly, it is raw, aggressive, carnal and very powerful, for a first time author, truly amazing. This is why I love Goodreads and our forums as without these I never would have stumbled across this gem of a book, way to go Ivory Quinn I cannot wait for book 2.