Tuesday 16 April 2013

The Prelude by KaSonndra Leigh

Review by Willow

Sometimes life offers a second chance. Seize it. Own it... Do not be afraid to walk outside the line.

I actually don't know how many stars I want to give this book. I didn't feel it was amazing, but it wasn't a bad book either. I thought the cover was different and that's what drew me in.

The Prelude is the start of a song that pulls you in, hypnotising you with beauty......

The story is about Erin Angelo, an American who has left her life behind after tragedy and moved to Milan. Erin is quiet and steers clear of close relationships because everyone she has ever loved has left her. Her father and Sister, Jada, were killed in a car accident and something has happened to her mother though we don't know what at first. After finishing Design School, Erin now works as a Clothes Designer in a small boutique with two bothers called Black Butterfly. Black Butterfly has been commissioned to design the costumes for a famous Maestro's show.  

Alek Dostov is a 23 year old famous Maestro. He is from a wealthy Russian family, although he, his mother, sister and best friend have fled Russia and now live in Milan. He is a known playboy, and his mother has a hand in that, setting him up with daughters from other Rich families, but Alek isn't interested in these relationships, he doesn't want to be attached emotionally, he only wants a bit of fun, which is never a problem, most women fall for his charms, fall at his feet even, but not the lady responsible for designing his costumes.

Erin doesn't date bosses and that's who Alek is, but Alek doesn't give up easily and is ruthless when it comes to the pursuit of all things pleasurable, he just has to find the right tactic to win Erin over.

I loved the fact that Alek had to pursue Erin and that they didn't get together straight away, in fact you get about 50% in before anything happens that you could actually class them as together.

It starts as a bit of fun, but there is something about Erin, she's different, yet familiar and Alek realises he's in deep.  Did I mention that they both had trouble pasts? Alek's catches up to him. It could put Erin in danger,  he has to tell her:

"I want you to understand who I truly am, Where I come from. Where I want to be"

Erin is not so forthcoming about her demons, but when Alek discovers what's in her past, he realises that their lives are tangled in a way that they never saw coming. If that was not enough to deal with, Alek's mother does not like Erin and will do anything she can to keep them separated, even sharing with Erin Alek's realisation which could tear them apart. Can these two scarred, commitment-phobe people move beyond that and find happiness together?  

This book isn't perfect, there were bits I didn't like, but with it set in Milan, with a musical theme and the Russian family connections, it was definitely different. The book is told in alternative POV, which I loved and I loved the cheekiness of Alek's character. The writing style was easy to get into, but there were certain scenes I would have liked fleshed out a bit, including the Epilogue. It wasn't a book that I couldn't put down, but I equally I wasn't in a huge rush to finish it.

3.5 stars doesn't seem enough, but I think of some of the books I've rated 4 Stars and I'm not sure its quite there either. It is definitely worth a read, but i'm not sure how far up your TBR piles it should go.

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