Wednesday 8 May 2013

Beacuase of You (Playing with Fire 2) by T.E Sivec

Reviewed by Donna 4 Stars

I loved A Beautiful Lie and was really looking forward to Brady’s story. I wasn’t disappointed but I enjoyed the first book so much more. This was different from the first one, not so action packed but full of plot twists and angst and romance none the less, it was a great read.

This book picks up a while after A Beautiful Lie, Brady is no longer in the Navy Seals and has set up a consulting company, sort of private investigation and is not going well, he has loads of bills to pay and no work and now has an extra two mouths to look after. His sister has come to stay with him with her daughter, she has escaped a brutal relationship and Brady feels that as he deserted her by leaving home he has to make up for it..he harbours a lot a guilt as far as his sister and niece are concerned.

A job comes in that looks too good to be true, it is worth a lot of money and his sister is pressurising him to take it on..Brady had been sinking into a spiral of despair, drinking and mindless sex to take his mind off his crappy life and his sister has been trying to pull him out if it..she eventually persuades him to take on the job of finding out who is stalking Layla Carlysle who is perceived to be the “pop princess” that everybody loves. The last thing that Brady needs is to look after a prima donna, he takes the job none the less. It does not take long for Brady to realise that Layla is nothing like her public image and that she is constantly manipulated nad belittled by her mother..she runs the show…but why??? Why does Layla sit there and take it??

Neither Layla or Brady are up for this arrangement…Layla does not trust her mother one bit and especially those people hired by her mother, they are all in her pocket one way or another and always seem to have ulterior motives, however, she cannot shake the feeling that Brady is somewhat different and she also cannot shake the fact that she fancies the pants of him and the feelings seem to be entirely mutual.

The little thought bubbles that appear during this book are hilarious at when they first meet..

Brady – F*** stop ogling the client and absolutely stop picturing her naked!

Layla – I almost sniffed his f***ing shirt. I actually looked him up and down like he was a piece of meat, which he obviously noticed. Son of a b***h!

They some become, somewhat friendly, it takes Brady to make the moves whilst out running for them to realise that they could actually become friends and she soon realises that he is not in her mothers pocket either, she slowly begins to open up to him. The crazed stalker makes his moves and soon things heat up…both in and out of the bedroom!!!

This book had great twists and turns, a bit of angst, some hot steamy scenes and a great romance story to boot. The back story of Layla was fab but the back and forth did get confusing at times. However, the chemistry was fantastic but the book was also extremely emotional, a thing that some authors cannot manage and I loved this element with this book. I totally connected with the characters.

I loved Brady and Layla and was so glad that they got their HEA, however, there was a lot to go through before they got there and I for one loved reading about it. I cannot wait for the next one in this story.

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