Wednesday 8 May 2013

Knight & Stay (Knight 2) by Kitty French

Reviewed by Donna 4.5 Stars

Oh Lucien Knight how I love you….this is the second and final part of Kitty French’s series the first being Knight & Play.

This book starts where Knight & Play finished, after they returned from Norway and confronted Sophie’s husband about his 3 year long affair. Lucien leaves at Sophie’s request whilst she and Dan sort out their train wreck of a marriage.

Sophie feels somewhat guilty of the fact that she had “cheated” on Dan by being with Lucien in Norway even though he had been cheating on her for years and she felt that she had to keep her distance from Lucien. This is just could not understand personally and I felt like giving her a kick up the back side and telling her to sort herself out. She goes into her shell after kicking Dan to the kerb, she does not go to work, she stops eating and she is a mess. It is up to her best friend Kara to pick her up. She decides to go and get her very old job back at the builders but it doesn’t last long as Mr Grubby Hands Pervy Guy tries it on with her again, so she leaves. Here she decides that she will go and get her old job back with Lucien, she needs the money to pay the bills and feels that she can go back to being professional and just being friends with Lucien, but how wrong could she be???

Lucien has been going mad during their time apart. He does not “do” relationships so cannot understand why he feels this way about her, it is driving him insane..he should not feel like this! Sophie was just supposed to be a good time not someone that is constantly on his mind 24-7. When she walks into his office asking for her job back he is over the moon despite her terms of friends only..he can win her over….surely???

This book takes us a long for the ride of Sophie post marriage and Lucien trying to win her back..they have a lot of business meetings planned in Paris “the romance capital of the world” and Sophie is reluctant to go…can she not give in to Lucien’s charms….never!

There are some smoking hot scenes in Paris and as usual what happens in Paris stays in Paris is not an option…Sophie realises she has fallen in love with Lucien but as we know Lucien does not do love!

I loved this final instalment as usual the path of true love does not run smooth. Lucien has trouble coming to grips with accepting his feelings for Sophie and it is up to Sophie to prove to Lucien that he is able to love and more importantly be loved. We get to see why Lucien is the way he is and it is a sad story. There are some more heart wrenching scenes in Norway and the epilogue…wow, I loved the epilogue!!!

I am so happy they got their HEA even though the ride along the way was soooo bumpy. Kitty French did great in bringing you in and keeping you there. I couldn’t put it down.

Loved it!!

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