Saturday 4 May 2013

Crush (Crash 3) by Nicole Williams

Reviewed by Donna & Willow 

What Donna says: 3 Stars

I hate to say this, but this book seriously peed me off..I have loved this series but I think that perhaps it was one book too many..the book started out really slow and whilst I was glad they got their HEA (which they also got in the last book) what I had to read to get there just seriously irritated me beyond belief…Lucy just totally morphed into a different person and one that I did not recognise and one that I disliked…

This book carries on from book 2..Jude gets drafted into the NFL and is now a millionaire…so what would a man that has always had nothing..not two dimes to rub together want to do…he is going to want to spend…and who would he want to spend it on…yes his fianc√© of 3 years (yes 3 years but that is another thing I will rant about in a minute)…

·         He buys her a new phone – she moans

·         He buys a new house – she moans

·         He buys a new car – she moans

·         He keeps asking her to marry him – she moans

·         He treats her to fancy restaurants – she moans

It is just one big moan fest from Lucy for a majority of the book…these two absolutely adore each other, you can still see that to some extent…she still has her aspirations of becoming a dancer and he knows that..she knew that he wanted to become a pro footballer, he gets his wish and she just seems to resent that..I appreciate her fears and worries that money can change people, but seriously, give the guy a he put up with that is beyond me. To keep asking to get married and constantly being told soon…I would have given up…and the reasons for not getting married were very feeble..too young, I want to be a pro-dancer blah blah blah…if you love someone that much to agree to marry them, you should at least be prepared to get married!!

Jude was a bit caveman in this book which was a bit overpowering at times, but then he says to Lucy, so you can be a pro-dancer I will give up my career as a footballer once my 3 year contract is up..I will have made enough money to keep us forever in those 3 years…that is what I call love!!! He was prepared to give up everything to keep her happy..then something happens and she does not tell him WTF!!!! I can appreciate it can be daunting to say, hell I have been there 3 times..but I could never keep it a secret that long..OK his reaction in the car park was not the best but he did not realise that it had already happened, he was just talking from a long term view…however, his reaction when it did finally come out was totally inexcusable and I for one do not believe that the “old Jude” would have said it…them 3 words…so hurtful, he never would have said it!

Anton just peed me off, I do not condone cheating and for him to even try and pry Lucy away from Jude was just wrong..especially knowing she was his sisters best friend, but also, Lucy should have taken herself out of that situation once she knew what his intentions were.

Was lovely to see Holly and little Jude in this book and glad that they were there for Lucy.

Overall, disappointed but loved the ending…communication between the two of them was extremely lacking in this book..Jude just did everything he could for them, to give them a better life, Lucy just turned into some selfish moo that seriously got on my nerves..Holly and little Jude cheered the book up a bit and the ending made me happy…but other than that..not much more to say.
What Willow says: 

I loved Crash, I really enjoyed Clash so I was really looking forward to this book. Unfortunately I just couldn't get into it. I ended up putting it down and not finishing it, something I don't take lightly, in fact I've only done it once before. Maybe ill go back to it another time, but for now I feel that there are just too many good books out there that I don't want to waste time on something I'm not enjoying.

So what was so bad? Well admittedly I only made it half way through the book, but I just didn't get it. Jude and Luce had a HEA in the last book, I was happy with that.

In this book Luce was irritating me so much, why did she not want to marry Jude " now" poor guy having to ask that much, I agree with Donna, I would have given up and her reasons were not very good in my opinion. As for the buying gifts, Jude never had money, where as Luce had parents that were well off, so surely she could understand why it was important to Jude! she seemed selfish.

Jude didn't seem the same "Jude" I loved him in the other books and although he still showed how much he loved Luce, his bad boy persona just wasn't there, except  for one incident. I get people change, but it felt like he was missing something, something fundamentally Jude, maybe it comes back further on. 

To sum up it just didn't engage me enough, it was easy to put down. I felt disappointed and would happily find something else to do but read - something I never do. Maybe I didn't give it enough of a chance, maybe I'm just in a book funk, but for now, for me it's a DNF. :-(  

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