Saturday 4 May 2013

Emancipating Andie by Priscilla Glenn

Reviewed by Donna 5 Shiny Stars

Priscilla Glen does it again, this was a slow building love story…but it needed to be was beautifully slow…I loved it!

Andie does everything by the book, she is as straight laced as they come…she had something happen in her past that made her realise that actions have consequences and by not doing what you are supposed to do can have far reaching consequences indeed…so Andie does what she is supposed to do. Her mother always told her “Love with your head and you’ll be safe, you love with anything else , you find yourself in big trouble”…so Andie did safe and she is in a relationship with Colin…he is safe, he has a good job, good prospects etc etc etc…it starts 17 months earlier…Colin takes Andie to an engagement party, his friends house is a huge mansion..Colin leaves to talk to someone and Andie decides to explore…she ends up locked inside a cellar…however, there is already somebody down there…Chase..he is having a crafty cigarette and whilst they are temporarily locked in the cellar together Chase manages to be the biggest asshat that ever lived and just pisses her off…they rub each other up the wrong way severely…Andie does not like Colin’s friend Chase… Colin does not know about this little meeting either as Andie was embarrassed to admit she had been snooping!
17 months later, still in her relationship with Colin, they have been invited to the wedding, Colin has to go early as he is part of the bridal party so Andie is making her own way there..however Andie will not fly so is doing a two day road trip. Colin asks Chase to keep her company as he is worried about her, he agrees…when Colin tells Andie what he has organised leading her to believe that there were no flights available for Chase, Andie is not best pleased, how can she possibly spend 2 days in a confined space with him…it is going to be one lonnnnnggggg drive.

The road trip was brilliant, you totally see a different side to Andie and Chase…Chase weedles his way in and manages to break down some of Andie’s walls…they are both imagining things they shouldn’t be, it is a great piece of writing

“It was harmless, his playful taunting. He had no intention of making a move on Andie, but still, in the back of his mind, he knew he shouldn’t be needing her. Yet, as he slid into the passenger seat next to her, he also knew it would be difficult to stop.”

The conversations these two had were hilarious, in the beginning they absolutely got on each others nerves, they just had the knack of riling each other…the best bit, Andie getting her own back after a particularly testy bit of the drive, she slams the brakes on whilst Chase is drinking and he gets soaked..

C - “What the hell was that”
A - “Payback”
C - “I seriously can’t decide if I‘m more angry or impressed right now”
Chase takes his shirt off and cleans himself up, Andie ogles….
C - “What”
A – “Are you gonna put your shirt back on?”
C – “Why? Is this bothering you?”
A – “I just…..I mean…(sputtering) what if we get pulled over or something?”
C – “If we get pulled over, this could only work in your favour” he said rubbing his hands all over his chest.
A – “My god, you’re insufferable”

The banter between them makes for a fabulous read.
The chemistry between these two is fab, they both realise it is there but will they act on it..Chase does not want to do wrong by his best friend Colin and Andie is tortured between head and heart…can she end it with Colin and give herself to Chase???

This is a cute romance story, hardly any angst, it is not dark but is a smooth read that has you laughing and smiling a lot!! It is a great pick me up read that I adored from start to finish…there are a lot of hidden messages in this book…there is no cheating whatsoever…
I love Priscilla Glen’s writing and can’t wait to read the next book…I am sure I will love it!!

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