Thursday 2 May 2013

Infatuation (Club Destiny 4) & Captivated (Club Destiny 4.5) By Nicole Edwards

Infatuation (Club Destiny 4) Reviewed by Donna 4 Stars

I will admit, I was scared in the beginning reading this. This is Tag and McKenna's story...all I could think about was what happens to Logan and Samantha now that Tag is getting his HEA lol...see thinking about my imaginary friends again!!

McKenna is a blogger come journalist type..she is the pain in Tag's bum..during the court case that started with Sierra that has now brought Club Destiny to everybodys attention Tag is working flat out to win the case for Sierra and also to prevent Club Destiny's name being dragged through the mud. Albeit that nobody knows the true Club Destiny or do they??? McKenna is always blogging about Tag and Club Destiny so he decides to nip it in the bud before McKenna can damage his case any further..however, he does not bet on a certain McKenna being a fiery hot red head that has his pants stretching to maximum capacity as soon as he sets eyes on her. He is in trouble, serious trouble.

Tag of course is our sexy bald lawyer that has a massive aversion to commitment..he is just content with sexual dalliances hence being perfectly happy with his current endeavour being Logan and Samantha's third..however, he did not bet on McKenna!! In order to try and have some say over what McKenna blogs he proposes a 7 day contract to McKenna, whereby he shows her Club Destiny (and everything else) and she gets an exclusive for her blog. McKenna is exactly what Tag needs..she has no mouth filter, she says what she wants and this only makes her even more attractive to Tag, there is some sizzling chemistry between the two and soon enough, McKenna has broken through that wall that has barricaded Tag's heart of my favourite quotes from this book is from Tag...

"This has never happened to me before, I didn't want it to happen to me, yet here I find myself ready to go to my knees and beg for forgiveness because you are exactly what I didn't want" altogether now ahhhhhh...I love Tag!!

McKenna and Tag team up during this book to help prevent the demise of Club Destiny and what a team they make..there is a lot more action in this book but we still get our typical Nicole Edward's instalments of seriously hot steamy scenes.. there is a lot of angst in this book together with plots to destroy more or less everyone, including McKenna.

Once again the Walker brothers appear in this book, with the cross over between Alluring Indulgence and Club Destiny looking more and more promising going forward. I cannot wait to see where this is going..once again a fab riveting read from Nicole Edwards..this series has been an eye opener for me and I have loved it!!
Captivated (Club Destiny 4.5) Reviewed by Donna 4 Stars
Awww so glad we got to hear this story.

Lucie and Kane work at Club Destiny..Lucie is a bar maid and Kane is the bar manager. Lucie has always crushed on Kane but as far as she knew the feeling was never reciprocated. One night a long time ago, Kane was seriously drunk, Lucie helped him home where they had one night of passion..Lucie thought this was her chance to have a relationship with Kane but the next day Kane did not remember...Lucie would have a permanent reminder..their daughter!!

Lucie kept this secret to herself, but her daughter is always ill and needs help and she resorts to stealing to help fund the mounting medical bills..the only person that knows who the daddy is, is Cole. He tries to help Lucie as much as possible and tries to get her to tell Kane the truth.

This story focuses on the relationship between Lucie and Kane and their daughter Haley. Whilst I didn't agree with what Lucie did in the beginning I could understand why. I am so glad that Kane got to become dad to Haley and that they both got their HEA...even better with each other. Another great read from Nicole Edwards...too short but incredibly sweet.

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  1. I love this book. Tag and Mckenna are my favorites. I love Tag for his badass attitude but will melt at Mckeena's feet. I love her for her no holds barred, tell it like it is persona. Can't wait to read more about Alluring Indulgence. Thanks for the review!