Thursday 2 May 2013

Nicole Edwards Week ~ Day 4

Welcome to Nicole Edwards Week Day 4
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The Romance Cover's review of Infatuation (Club Destiny 4) and Captivated (Club Destiny 4.5) will be up shortly, followed by the fourth part of our Nicole interview!

Yesterday we asked who your favourite female CD character was.....

McKenna won, just beating Sierra. 

Todays fan/follower question is:
What is your favourite Club Destiny Sex Scene?
Answer below!


  1. There are so many but the one that I will always remember is in Temptation at 97% when Luke admits to Cole that he loves him, the after was just mind blowing, so emotional!!

  2. My favorite is when Logan brings Sam back to the house after their dinner in Conviction. He blindfolds her and starts massaging her legs. After a few minutes she feels 2 sets of hands on her legs. That is the first time Luke has joined them. After that, it just gets hotter and hotter. Love Club Destiny! <3

  3. The 1st time Sam is with Logan & Luke, blindfolded and all she can do is feel the sensations of what is being done to her, so hot!

  4. This is so hard because all the scenes r amazing but if i have to pick it would be towards the end of temptation when Luke admits his love to Cole and they have wild sex eith Sierra watching and coaxing Lukes true feelings

  5. The very first one of Addicted! I love how Sam takes over!

  6. i havent read all the books but my favorite one so far is when Luke finally admits he loves cole and cole tells Him he has to hear it from Him... and wow after that.. sexy hot!

  7. My favorite would have to be when Luke finally admits that he loves cole and cole makes him say it out loud. That has to be the best but Luke and Cole are my favorites. All the scenes in Nicoles books are HOT HOT so it is a hard decision to narrow down.