Friday 3 May 2013

Kaleb (Allurging Indulgence 1) by Nicole Edwards

Reviewed by Donna 4 Stars

This series starts hot and I hope to hell that it continues, after all there are 7 brothers in this book…so I am looking forward to 7 books of Nicole Edward’s magic… My first Nicole books were Club Destiny and I absolutely adore that series, the magic of this is that there is a cross over between the two series…so not only do we have 7 hot Walker brothers, we also have the gang over at Club Destiny too…how many hot bods can you fit into a series…. A LOT!!

Zoey and Kaleb have been best friends for years and years..I love it when friends become lovers…you do not have to go through all that “I need to know you” phase, they just jump straight in and get on with it…and that makes for some sizzling scenes, as we all know Nicole writes those very well indeed! Zoey had been married before, unbeknown to her the Walker brothers had ran her ex out of town..he had been cheating on her for years, sleeping with all and sundry and they couldn’t stand back and see it continue. Zoey goes and lives with her dad who is elderly and needs help. He has a lot of land and it is land that the 

Walker brothers want to build their new resort “Alluring Indulgence” Zoey’s dad is extremely stubborn and will not sell despite the Walker brothers continuous requests.

If possible things get even steamier when Kaleb’s best friend comes to town…Gage….menage a trois scenes which Nicole excels at..I must admit I was surprised at Zoey’s willingness with this as I did not have her pegged as that type of girl but what happens between the three of them is seriously hot, seriously smoking and the sexual chemistry is way up there.

During the book there is a lot of background 

information revealed about the brothers and their potential new club. Travis, he is the head of them, he is extremely moody, quite quiet and extremely intimidating, Zane, Ethan, Sawyer and then the twins Braydon and Brendon. That is a lot of Walker brothers!!

Zoey’s dad pulls a fast one and transfers the land into Zoey’s name so then it is up to her to barter with the Walker brothers for what both she and they want which is not necessarily one of the same..will this put pressure on Kaleb and Zoey’s relationship and friendships??

It was fab to see all the Club Destiny characters in 

this book, it is a touch of genius on Nicole’s part and I cannot wait to see where this series is going…eagerly waiting in anticipation….

The next book in the series, Zane is due out 7th May 2013!!

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