Friday 3 May 2013

Nicole Edwards Week ~ Nicole Interview Day 5

If you could change one scene from one of your books, which one would it be and why?  Hmmm... that is a great question. I think if I could change one scene from my books, it would have to be in Infatuation between McKenna and Tag when he ties her to the bed. No, I wouldn’t take any of that away, but my limited experience with the whole bondage and submission aspect limits me. I envisioned Tag being more dominant than I think he came across. It’s something I’m working to learn more about because even on a personal level, BDSM intrigues me. 

Which is your favourite book you've written and why?
Let me preface this by saying that in way am I trying to do this as a tease, but I think to this point, my favorite is Zane. I have fallen in love with all of my Walker brothers because they are down home country boys with hearts of gold and nerves of steel. I like the complexity of these characters and how open they are. 

Was it always intended to cross over Club Destiny and Alluring Indulgence, as that is a fabulous idea? Actually, no, I didn’t intend for them to cross over, but as I’ve said before, I have separation anxiety when it comes to my characters. I don’t want to let them go. They still have so many stories left in them and when I found that I had connected the two, I decided I’d give it a whirl and see where it led me. I think that Luke and Logan are good role models for the Walker brothers and vice versa.

Finally, anyone who follows you on Facebook can see you (and Colt) love your fans - you are always so friendly and seem happy to get them involved, but what do you love most about your fans? I absolutely adore my fans. Every single one of them. I’ve made some amazing friends through this journey and the best thing about it is the interaction that I have with them daily. It makes my day just to read any of the comments no matter how short or how long that someone has taken time out of their day to write to me. It’s an honor and a blessing. 

Thank you so much to Nicole for taking the time to answer our questions and taking part in our Nicole Edwards week.

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