Wednesday 1 May 2013

Seduction (Club Destiny 3) by Nicole Edwards

Reviewed by Donna 4 Stars

Wow once again Nicole hits it out the ball park..this book is much more emotional than the others but is still as sexy and hot as hell...a simple game of truth and dare is played and wow, just wow, that game will never be the same again...just saying!!!

This book centres around the relationship of Alex and Ashleigh..Alex was around from the start in book 1 was never an integral character..he seemed to be a bit more reserved than the others...he has had a secret crush on Ashleigh for 10 years but never acted on it as there was a 10 year age gap. Alex subsequently got married in haste but was soon divorced but even to this day he still helps his ex-wife who is a victim of domestic violence and herself from pushing her own self destruct button and always turns to Alex in times of trouble. She basically just uses him for her convenience and she constantly aggravated me during this book.

Ashleigh, Ashleigh, Ashleigh...she is different...very different..she writes erotic novels under a pen name yet is sexually inexperienced..a select few know about her writing and just automatically think that she is writing from experience but when whilst probing Samantha and Sierra for ideas and opinions her sexual history is revealed (ie: nothing) the girls make it their mission to get her paired up ASAP.

and so the "Seduction" begins...Alex and is all hush hush in the beginning but there can be no secrets in this group and we get to see the whole relationship develop, not without it's ups and downs of course. Alex and Ashleigh are completely mutual so no threesomes in this book but as said seriously smoking game of Truth and Dare that you cannot help but read and read again and then read it again just to make sure you read it right the first time lol.

The beauty of this series to is that Nicole continually incorporates our favourites from the other Club Destiny books, so we still get to hear about Sam and Logan and Luke, Cole and's like reading about a bunch of friends that you are a part of.

Another exciting twist in this book is that the Walker brothers make an appearance. Nicole Edwards has another series in the pipeline the first of which was released just before this book called "Kaleb" the Walker brothers are building a similar club and come to Club Destiny to see how one of these clubs works and also to get some financial backing... Walker brothers and the McCoys in one book...yum yum yum..seriously how much hotness can one person squeeze into a book series.....hmmmmmm anticipating with a big capital A, I so cannot wait to see where this is going.

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