Wednesday 1 May 2013

Nicole Edwards Week ~ Nicole Interview Day 3

When you are not writing what do you enjoy doing? First and foremost, spending time with my husband, my kids and my dogs is what I enjoy the most. Aside from that, I enjoy reading and shopping. Colt and I are both really into do-it-yourself home improvement projects and every time I turn around, I’m coming up with something else for us to fix up or change. (Yes, notice how I took full ownership of coming up with the projects – Colt is usually the one to have to implement them)

What is your favourite Movie at the moment? I’m a big action movie fan. I love The Avenger’s. I have to thank my youngest child for this – he has seen the movie at least one hundred times. At least.

What is your favourite song at the moment? Cruise by Florida Georgia Line

Yeah, when I first saw that bikini top on her
She’s poppin’ right out of the South Georgia water
Thought, "Oh, good lord, she had them long tanned legs"
Couldn’t help myself so I walked up and said 
Baby you a song
You make me wanna roll my windows down and cruise
Down a back road blowin’ stop signs through the middle
Every little farm town with you
In this brand new Chevy with a lift kit
Would look a hell of a lot better with you up in it
So baby you a song
You make me wanna roll my windows down and cruise
She was sippin’ on Southern and singin’ Marshall Tucker
We were falling in love in the sweet heart of summer
She hopped right up into the cab of my truck and said
"Fire it up, let’s go get this thing stuck"

Who is your favourite book boyfriend? Gideon Cross

If you could have only one book whilst stranded on a desert Island, what would it be? Oh, goodness, that’s a hard one. Any one of the books in the Troubleshooter’s series by Suzanne Brockmann or possibly one from the BDB series by J.R. Ward.

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  1. Thanks for doing these interviews. I love getting to know the authors behind the stories.