Friday 21 June 2013

Beauty from Surrender (Beauty 2) by Georgia Cates

Reviewed by Donna ~ 4 Stars

I couldn’t wait for the next instalment of Jack Henry, I desperately wanted their HEA in the first book but alas as we know they were apart. This book picks up where it left off and Laurelyn is back in Nashville and Jack Henry is still in Australia.
Jack tries to forget about Laurelyn with his usual pick up and chat up lines but when he tried he couldn’t and after a heart to heart with his brother he is determined to find Laurelyn. He realises that she has spoiled him for every other woman.
He does find her eventually but her life has changed, she is now a famous singer and it is up to Jack Henry to try and convince her that her life is with him not on the road.
“Me too, but wouldn’t  you rather be scared together than miserable apart? Because I know that’s what I’d be without you”. “You’re right. I’ve done the being-miserable-apart thing for the last 3 months and it blows. I’m ready to try the scared-shitless-together part”.
“You’re everything I never knew I wanted. Every time I picture my future, it’s always your face I see…with some little people who look like us” That sounded like a total chick thing to say by f**k it!! I needed her to know how much I love her and that I want her forever – not just for those three short months in Australia or for the next month we’re going to spend together. I want her for-f**king ever. 
“Baby, I waited 30 years for you. I can wait a little longer”.
Ahhhhh Jack Henry, he doesn’t disappoint…I don’t want to spoil what happens or if they get their HEA but Jack Henry is absolutely adorable in this book, you just loved him even more…I could understand Laurelyn’s hesitance and decisions that she made but it didn’t make them any more comfortable…if it was me I would have packed up and gone to Oz…but that’s me. I will say that Jack did seem to have made a complete 180 in this book, he was not so dominating or alpha, but falling in love had changed him. I know that some have not liked this, but I just felt it was a bit more realistic, love does that to people and personally it was great to see his more softer romantic side.
Laurelyn was still her usual fab self, she had her share of crazy to deal with but she came through like a real trooper and I was so glad that her parents came through for her at the end.
 Although I enjoyed the first book more, I still loved this one and it was great to read the end of their story. I do love an epilogue so you will not be disappointed.
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