Monday, 3 June 2013

Faking it (Losing it 2) By Cora Carmack

Reviewed by Willow 4 Stars

**ARC received for honest review**

After reading Losing it by Cora and loving it I couldn't wait to get my hands on this and was very excited when I got approved for an ARC.

In Losing it we met Cade, Bliss' best friend, who ultimately tells her he has feelings beyond friendship and wants to be more. Unfortunately Bliss is head over heels for Garrick.

Now moved to Philadelphia, Cade still sees Bliss but their relationship is awkward. To top it off after meeting Bliss and Garrick for coffee, Garrick has just told Cade that he is planning on proposing to Bliss. Too heartbroken to leave,  Cade is left in the coffee shop trying to face the reality that he has to move on.

Max and her boyfriend Mace are in line at the coffee shop when she receives a call from her parents - they are in town for a surprise visit and are minutes away from the coffee shop and wanting to meet her boyfriend. Max has to think fast, they are not expecting her to look like she does, dyed hair, tattoos and piercings and they certainly don't expect her boyfriend to look the same and be a bad boy. Covering her tats and taking out her piercings, Max has one more problem - the boyfriend. On hearing Max's parents are on the way Mace scarpers, leaving Max alone. Looking for a place to sit she spots Cade sitting alone in a giant booth, heading over she has an idea that may save her bacon - Cade looks like a nice wholesome guy, the kind her parents would love.....

So she strikes a deal with Cade, pretend to be her boyfriend and she'll pay him. Cade's an actor - he can do this, but its not money he needs, he needs to move on,  so he suggests payment in the form of a date - desperate and out of time Max agrees. Things don't quite go to plan though as Max's parents love Cade and want to see him more, so Max and Cade end up spending more time together. Its all just pretend though right? Even though they are opposites they do have an attraction for each other, but with Max having a boyfriend, Cade trying to get over Bliss, plus Cade realising Max comes with a lot of issues - "She's amazing, but she's got a whole baggage claim to herself"  - friendship seems the safe option....

but maybe its not so easy... 

"That was the moment I knew for sure that I hadn't been in love with Bliss. I couldn't have been. Because at that moment nothing could have stopped me from going to Max, not even if Bliss had been on the other side calling me, too"

I found Losing It funny and I was expecting this book to be the same, but it wasn't. That's not necessarily a bad thing, I just didn't find myself laughing much. I did love the banter between Max and Cade though. I loved that Max was all tough on the outside but in reality that's not how she really is. She does have a lot of baggage that effects her relationships. Cade isn't perfect either, he has his own demons to face (although small in comparison to Max's!) and has to realise that the safe, expected option isn't always the best option. 

The story is told from alternative points of view which I love because you get to see a side to each of them that you wouldn't if it was told from the other's point of view.

It's not a long book, but it certainly didn't feel as short as Losing It, which was I was pleased at. It kept me interested and I did really enjoy it, but I just cant bring myself to give it 5 stars and I really don't know why, but I will say it definitely should be on your TBR lists.

Faking It is scheduled for release on 4th June for US & 6th June for UK. 
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