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Zane (Alluring Indulgence 2) by Nicole Edwards

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Reviewed by Donna ~ 4.5 Stars

I am a HUGE Nicole Edwards fan…having stumbled across her name on Goodreads and since devouring every little morsel she has written…I love everything she writes…she seems to be able to drag me in, pummel by brain with extremely hot sizzling scenes that could make your eyes water, then give you some more…the queen of ménage…something I had never read about before her other series Club Destiny…hot romance, hot men and once you finished hot and sweaty palms and palpitations leaving you reeling that it is finished and desperately wanting more, this book is no fact, this has been my favourite book so far…and I thought Luke, Sierra and Cole were hard to beat.

This book starts where Kaleb finished, Zane is in hospital after being brutally attacked outside Vanessa’s house. Somehow he manages to survive against all odds but not before spending months and months in hospital recuperating.

Up until Zane regained consciousness Vanessa was a constant by his bedside. However, once he woke up she has kept her distance from Zane, slowly but surely cutting all forms of communication between them. She blames herself for the attack and the guilt she feels is overwhelming. She is also suffering a bit of PTSD and has panic attacks and cannot stand going home which has become a vivid reminder of what happened…it also doesn’t help that perpetrator keeps harassing her.

Upon his release from hospital Zane makes it his mission to win Vanessa (V) back, he cannot understand why she has become some distant, he thought they had something going before the attack and wants to pick up where they left off. Zane has never been one for relationships but the connection that he and V have is strong and intense (for both of them) and he feels that deep down she knows this, but she has a hang up about their age difference (she is about 6 years older than him) but he does not see that as an issue. He has never felt this way about a woman before and desperately wants to pursue it.

What I love about these books is that they are always about families and friends and you get a continual story about each of them even though one couple are centre stage..this always leaves you wanting more for the next one..our usual characters are always making an appearance…can’t wait to read Travis’s story next…that one I can already tell is going to be a hair puller!! Gage also makes an appearance in this book…he was Zoey and Kaleb’s third in Kaleb, but he also has a new role in this book…one that blew my mind…and has already set me on tenterhooks waiting to see where it is going.

Zane and V also have a third, Beau, Zane’s best friend..these three together are smoking…they did have a similar ring to the Luke, Sierra and Cole situation in Club Destiny and I hope that this is the direction that they are going in…the three of them together are amazeballs!!! Seriously panty melting hot hot hot..phewwwwww!

We also see a few of our Club Destiny favourites in this one…the Alluring Indulgence development still brings the Club Destiny crossover and as the project develops I am sure we will be seeing much more of the McCoys et al.

As usual Nicole, you have rendered me speechless and desperately wanting more, I cannot wait to see what comes next and will be eagerly waiting to press the 1click button on release day.  Amazing series!!

Alluring Indulgence, #2
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When the table grew quiet, in true twin fashion, Braydon and Brendon busied themselves by checking out the women in the bar, and within a minute or two, they were up and off. There was a group of women in the corner flirting dangerously with the twins, and Zane knew his brothers wouldn’t be able to resist.

A second after that, Kaleb was dragging Zoey from the booth, saying something about dancing. Zane had to laugh as the two of them moved expeditiously to the small dance floor in the corner of the room. It was apparent that they had all abandoned Zane and V for a reason, and part of him was grateful to them. He hadn’t spent nearly enough time with her lately and having her all to himself had become one of his priorities.

“So...,” V began, spinning her beer bottle in her hands, picking at the label.

“So?” Zane dropped his arm around V, pulling her into his side and leaning down close to her. He knew his cowboy hat shielded their faces from any prying eyes in the room. “I’ve missed you,” he whispered.

“Missed me?” V laughed.

“Yes, missed you,” he confirmed, keeping his voice low. “So much that I’m ready to sneak you into the bathroom and have my wicked way with you.”

“Such a sweet talker you are,” V replied, a smile tilting her supple lips.

God, he missed those lips. He wanted to feel them wrapped around his dick. For months, Zane had spent day and night with his memories, and most of them were flooded with visions of V doing naughty, wanton things to him.

Turning so he fully blocked her from anyone else’s view, Zane tilted her chin until she had no choice but to look up at him. “Yesterday was just a tease for me, V. I want to bury my tongue in your pussy and make you scream my name.”

He felt her body shudder, recognized the flash of excitement in her warm brown eyes. She liked when he talked to her like that, he knew she did. V might pretend to be prim and proper while they were out in public, but he had learned just how naughty she really was.

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