Friday 19 July 2013

Inevitable by Angela Graham

Reviewed by Donna ~ 4 Stars 

**ARC received for honest review**

For a debut novel, this was a fab read. A true romance novel, with some laughter, love, lust, angst and the most cutest adorable little boy called Oliver. There was no instalust/love but was more a journey of two people getting to know one another before taking the next step, but will they get to the next step??? As with any story of romance/love, the course never runs smooth and this is no exception.

After catching her high school sweetheart that she had been with forever cheating on her Cassie ups sticks and goes and lives in the house that had been bequeathed to her..she renovates it, gets a job as a kindergarten teacher and life begins to get better, she is slowly getting over the betrayal and getting her life back on track. Cassie loves to run and whilst out running she catches a glimpse of the man moving into the mansion next door to her. He has a little boy, she sees a woman and instantly assumes it must be a family moving in.

However, not all is at it seems and Cassie soon finds out Logan is a single dad and raising Oliver alone with the help of his sister. But there is a big BUT, Logan is a player, makes no secret of the fact and in fact Cassie sees and hears a lot of his “ladies” comings and goings. Determined not to get involved despite the instant attraction she feels for Logan she keeps well away.

Logan is drawn to Cassie too, however after being burned badly by Oliver’s mother he is reluctant to put himself out there again, however he values Cassie as a friend, especially because of the relationship that she has built up with Oliver, little Oliver adores her.

This book kept me reading, I could not put it down, the interaction between Logan, Cassie and Oliver was adorable. Despite Logan being the player, you could see that he was starting to mellow and the realisation dawn that perhaps he did actually want more with Cassie. I loved Cassie, although she was quite quiet and reserved she could give as good as she got and Logan was more than often on the receiving end.

It is always an enjoyable read to see a relationship build slowly and this did and never got boring. As I was approaching the end of the book I did think this is all going so well, where is the sucker punch…then it came and I was like OMG!!!!!!! No, no, no, no, no you did not just go there….then I was like OMG then I was like OMG it’s finished…just like that…you cannot end it there…where is the next one, I want the next one…no I NEED THE NEXT one!!

As cliff hangers go, it is not too bad, but you really want to finish their story so I for one will definitely be buying the next one!!

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