Friday 5 December 2014

Friday Frights ~ PNR Reviews ~ Rees (Tales of the Shareem 1) by Allyson James

Reviewed by Shirley ~ 4.5 Stars

This book is a beautiful, sensual, erotic romance. It is about the journey that a high born lady, Lady Talan d'Urvey has in finding the latent sexual side of her nature, on a planet that has grown cold with having any sexual feelings between couples. Having babies cultivated by giving their DNA to scientists so they have can have children without the hassle of the sex act getting in the way, so clinical but this was the normal way in genteel society.

Talan being brought up with this way of thinking was totally thrown when in her studies she came across a diary from a high born lady written some twenty years ago recounting her liaison with a male called the Shareem, which made her very curious into wanting to meet with one of these superb males.

The Shareem were males created to give women the ultimate sexual experience. They came in three levels sensuality, fun and games and the third dark and dangerous and then there was Rees, one of a kind. The only thing was the firm that created these magnificent males went out of business twenty years ago and Talan had to find one by herself, and that's how she came across Rees in her wanderings around the town, and their first meeting was a bit unorthodox to say the least.

When she mentioned the meeting to her foster mother Lady Petronella Talan, a lady not exactly the normal lady of her day, arranged for Rees to be brought to the house so that Talan could have her Shareem experience.

And so Talan's sexual journey began and what a journey it was. Rees is sex personified and one hell of a teacher.

“Rees slanted his mouth over hers, briefly. Talan's lips parted, wanting more.
"I'll do what you and your Lady Petronella want, teach you what it's like to be with a man. But what I want to do, sweetheart - what I want to do...."

Rees nipped her ear. "I want to fuck you every way there is to fuck you.””

Rees being cold and clinical in all his previous encounters with women in the past was greatly surprised just how much Talan was getting under his skin the more he got to know her.

“Gods he wanted her forever. Not just now, not just to teach her, but for always.”

And Talan was being shown a brand new world of feelings, something she never dreamed of. The romance that was growing between them was something to behold. With every time Rees looked at Talan all that kept going through his mind was.


And the ultimate between them

“There was no feeling in the world like being in the arms of someone you loved. That feeling wasn't wrong, shameful, or restricting - it was freeing, joyous, and wonderful.”

This is great writing well worth the 4.5 stars I have given it. Very sensual and erotic but written beautifully. Loved the story of two people beating the odds. Well done Allyson James.

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