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Review ~ Intrigue Anthology by Eva LeNoir, Andrea Smith, Leigh Ann Lunsford, SR Grey, Ahren Sanders and Amber Nation

Reviewed by Donna ~ overall 4 stars!! (see individual stories for their rating)
**ARC Received for honest review**

Disheveled by Eva LeNoir – 4.5 stars!!

I loved this story and even though it is a short, it did not feel that way when reading it. Delilah and Cole are roommates and have been for about four years. Delilah has loved Cole right from the very beginning but the feeling is not reciprocated. Cole is a player and it breaks Delilah a little bit more every time he is home late due to a dalliance with another conquest. But has Delilah misunderstood the vibes that come off Cole?

The banter between these two was brilliant, they were best friends and their relationship through Eva LeNoir's words had me loving them both completely. With UCC women’s gatherings, online dating, Star Wars quotes this short story was packed with plenty of laughs.

“Here you go. You can have my man-card, I don’t f**king need it.”

Jaded by Andrea Smith – 4 stars!!

This short story is in Andrea Smith’s new series entitled WTF! And this book will certainly make you go WTF!!

Jade is a kept woman and is the official “other woman” to Hayden Berringer II. Hayden is super super rich and makes sure that Jade wants for nothing, but Jade is becoming disillusioned with her current circumstances. While it is nice to have the luxury, she craves attention and affection.

On one of her annual “Hayden ships Jade off on holiday for Christmas” vacations, Jade impersonates her friend and meets up with someone that she has met online…one night with Adam…she never sees his face, but becomes well acquainted with his body! But is all as it seems? Will her cover be blown? WTF!!!!!!

In true Andrea style, this short story has some steamy sex scenes; Andrea knows how to write HOT! I have a lot of unanswered questions, a lot of “what happened next” questions and lots of WTF questions, but that was the point of this book. I have to say I am upset that this is not a to be continued story as I really want to know what Andrea had planned, what Hayden knew and I want my WTF questions answered!!

“You love what MY c**k gave you?”

Promise and Protect by Leigh Ann Lunsford – 4 stars!!

Jessa is in protective custody after putting away a crime lord that has evaded arrest and conviction for years and years. Having been brave in standing up to this man it puts Jessa in extreme danger. Although he is behind bars his contacts reach far and wide and until his chance of appeal is quashed Jessa needs to be kept safe. After already having one officer killed while keeping watch over her Jessa is reluctant to have another death on her conscience.

Dalton is the extremely yummy officer that is now in charge of Jessa’s safety. Jessa insisted on a single, non-family man after struggling with her guilt of leaving a wife and children without their husband and dad.

The attraction is off the charts but can they stay alive long enough for it to go any further? This was a really cute read, guilt can eat away at you if you let it but can these two get over the past and concentrate on a future? Maybe even their future?

“…but you will fail if you let me go, if you walk away from what could be because of your damn misplaced guilt.”

EXPOSED: Laid Bare by S.R. Grey – 4 stars!!

Dahlia is a well renowned photographer and is excited at the thought of photographing her next subject, Lucien Chambers. Lucien Chambers was kind of a recluse with very little known about him or his past. Being a self-made multi-millionaire he is well known in his field and respected and also had the tag of being “Chicago’s Most Eligible Bachelor.”

While photographing Lucien at his home Dahlia is overcome by feelings for Lucien and she seems to have no control over what she feels and how she acts. Lucien is an absolute stallion and the sex in this book is extremely HOT!! Having captured an all telling picture the oddities surrounding Lucien come to the forefront, but what can or will happen between these two and is all as it seems?

This does have a paranormal undertone but not much is revealed so you are left guessing as to who or what Lucien may be. Although paranormal is not my usual read I enjoyed this story. I believe that this is a prequel to a book in the pipeline and I for one cannot wait to read more about these two.

“But no one ever said there can’t be a new beginning.”

Finding Our Way by Ahren Sanders – 4.5 stars!!

I loved this one, I am a sucker for friends to lovers and this book pulled me in from the get go. Bryce is the younger sister of Nate by just over three years. She has a very close relationship with her brother and his best friend Bryce. These three were inseparable and were the best of friends.

 Devon has loved Bryce for years, some may have called it infatuation being that she was so young but to Devon it was the real thing. Devon makes her move when she is fifteen and Bryce is nineteen and as much as Bryce is taken aback by Devon’s sudden kiss, it seems that the feelings are definitely reciprocated. With Bryce and Nate going off to Uni and with Devon still at college, Bryce tells her that he hopes that she still feels the same way when she is eighteen.

What will happen when Devon turns eighteen…nothing you could have ever imagined.

This book is more than just a love story; it is about growing up, dealing with friendships, families, emotions, heartache, relationships, forgiveness and new beginnings. It covers such a broad range that you could not help but become immersed in their story and I did not want to put it down.

The chemistry between these two was scorching and the fact that this was a friends to lovers story really clawed at your emotions and I was totally invested. I just loved the whole vibe of this story. While this is a short story it did not feel that way while reading and I was left totally satisfied at the end. However, their story is to be continued and I cannot wait for the spring because I am itching to find out what happens to these two next.

“Devon, in my mind, I’m not only your first but your only.”

Seeing Their Worth by Amber Nation – 3 stars!!

This is the story of Mason and Gwen. Mason has just been released from prison and is determined not to fall back into his old ways. He is determined to be the man that his sister needs him to be and to make up for his past mistakes. On release his brother-in-law picks him up and says that he needs to prove that he has changed, but in the interim he has found him a job and accommodation and now it was up to him to prove himself.

Gwen was the owner of a gay bar and Mason was her newest bartender and lodger. Gwen is feisty and fiery but obviously has a history that has made her that way. Throw in some erotic dancing, a fantastic body and some saucy undies and you have a just released convict’s fantasy.

The sex between these two was incredibly hot and it made for a good quick read but I just felt that even though this was a short story the content needed that little bit more to make it a great read.

“We do owe it to ourselves to be with each other, we’ve proved that we are worth it.”

In summary this collection was varied and had a little bit for everyone. It has introduced me to some authors I had never heard of but will definitely check out what else they have written going forward. There are some real gems in here and I can’t wait to catch up with some of the characters and the authors going forward.

The best part is that the proceeds of this book goes to charitable causes. At the time of writing this anthology is only 99p and will only be available for a short time.

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