Saturday 31 January 2015

Review ~ Three, Two, One (321): (A Dark Suspense) by JA Huss

Reviewed by Donna ~ 5 Stars

“Not everything should come in three’s.”

Holy moly, I don’t know how I can put into words what I have just read, but seriously, JA Huss can certainly write M/F/M. I had a lot of “freezer” time while reading this book, my kindle wanted to combust, it was insanely HOT, but incredibly beautiful at the same time.

Ark, JD and Blue…there is so much we know about them and yet so much we don’t. A story weaved around secrets, yet sometimes frank openness. But what we do have are three souls that found each other, they were in the right place at the right time, would this be their saving grace or would it be their ultimate downfall?

“You’re gonna lose her if you don’t give in.”
“Give in to what?”
“Us. The three of us, Ark. This is how it’s meant to be. You knew it the minute we found her.”

This is by far my favourite book of JA Huss, not only do we have an underlying horrific, yet beautiful story but we have the suspense, the mystery and the intrigue gluing this entire story together. Not only gluing the story, but gluing my hands to my kindle, I could not put this book down. I was swept away by their story, my heart was pounding for many different reasons, I laughed, I cried, I swooned, I fanned and I panicked, but at the end all I could think about was what a fantastic story I had just read.

I really cannot go into details, this is one of those books that you need to read blind, go in with an open mind and let the story over take you. I was glad that I had not read anything about it, because as soon as I opened the pages, I was just blown away and transported into their world and their bubble.

This is a book that makes you think, not only about the circumstances and scenarios that are unfurling before your eyes but I found myself trying to piece everything together. Some things made sense and some things didn’t so I had questions, lots of questions. I was constantly trying to read between the lines, I had my own theories and it wasn’t until the end that things finally started to make sense and you get your light bulb moments.

This is by no means a traditional romance, it is dark and gritty and in places raw and it will certainly pull at your emotions, yet when it was just the three of them the whole book changes for just those scenes. I was flooded with warmth, need and desperation, these three just clicked, it was like destiny and fate had brought them together and as a unit they were seemingly perfect.

“I want love,. I want it all ways too. I want the pain and the pleasure. I want the good and the bad. I want the light and the dark.”

Ark was the sensible one, yet he was incredibly intrinsic, he kept a lot to himself and he obviously had secrets, secrets that even his best friend JD didn’t know. He was the brooding one, the man behind the lens and certainly uncomfortable in front of it. He was incredibly appealing though, secretive, enigmatic but fiercely loyal and protective but what was really underneath those suits?

“I saw her first…”

JD was more the jack the lad, he was hilarious at times but extremely broken, he had lost and lost hard and had a lot of guilt on his shoulders, Ark was his salvation, a chance meeting leading to best friends and these two were tight. Ark always knew what JD needed and when, he was the angel on JD’s shoulder and there was nothing he wouldn’t do for him. They seemingly saved each other.

“We are polar. I am north and he is south. We are equal and opposites in almost every way imaginable. We are this and that. Black and white. Rough and calm.”

Blue just happened to be in the right place at the right having escaped a living hell. She was lucky to have been found by Ark and Blue. In the first instance maybe their reasons were not the best but it soon becomes apparent there is more between these three. Blue constantly needs reassurance, she needs to feel protected and these two men cocoon her the only way they know how.  They say sex sells, but it can also put a lot of band aids on a lot of hurts.

“Selling sex is dirty. Selling sex is filthy. Selling sex is lucrative.”

When these three were together the pages ignited, you could feel their dynamic changing, you could see the characters changing and you always had that sense of deep foreboding even though everything seemed perfect when they were in their bubble. Their lives are scattered across the pages, out of order, out of sequence, but when you get to the point where you are nearly there, the pages are sorted you are dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s, those final edits, it all clicks together, you can see the bigger picture. JA Huss delivers that moment with jaw dropping clarity, suddenly it makes sense but then how can this end?

“She is not one lost girl. We are not two best friends. We are the trinity of perfection.”

Fantastic book, one that I will not forget for a long time and will certainly be re-reading. Go 1click, but read in private, steamy scenes ahead!

“One girl.
Two friends.
Three soul mates.”

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