Monday 16 November 2015

Review ~ More Than Enough (More Than #5) by Jay McLean

 Book Description:

There’s no emotion greater than fear.
No ache greater than grief.
No sound greater than silence.
I’m grateful he showed up on my doorstep,
pissed off and angry at the world.
If he hadn’t, I wouldn’t be here.
And I don’t just mean here on this journey with him.
I mean here, in this world.
I wonder what events in all our lives—hers included—are The Turning Points? The points where we all determine that the fear of our pasts and the uncertainty of our futures are greater than our need for happiness.
While time and everything around us stands unmoving… who’s to say we can’t have it all?
We wanted it all.
We wanted it with each other.
We thrived on the chaos we created.
And ignored the Mayhem that ensued.
Because falling in love was easy.
But sometimes, love isn’t enough.  

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Reviewed by Donna ~ 4.5 stars
***ARC received for an honest review***


“We’re just two fucked up people with blood on our hands, faking our happiness.”

This series has been one of my all-time favourites and to think that it has now come to an end is heart-breaking. This gang has been with me for years now and they are like friends so to say goodbye is painful, but alas not only do we have with Dylan’s book, we also see a lot more of the gang too, so it was like the final hurrah.

“My bounty is as boundless as the sea, My love as deep; the more I give to thee, The more I have, for both are infinite.”

Dylan has always intrigued me, he was the strong, silent brooding type and we never really got to the know the real him. He was always on the periphery yet was still commanding when present…and then he joined the Marines. We catch up with Dylan after he has been sent home, he had been injured and was recovering. His head was obviously in a bad place, not just with dealing with being shot but also leaving his friends behind. He actually missed it, he felt he had nothing really at home, which couldn’t have been further from the truth.

“What I had wasn’t enough. I wanted more than enough. I enlisted the next day.”

The heroine in this story is to be kept a secret and I can understand why so there will be no names in this review, however, what I will say is that these two just fit. From the moment these two start to talk you just felt it, they were right for each other, despite their past histories. We all know that Jay McLean likes her “broken” characters and these two are no different, but they are broken for totally different reasons. While I could understand the heroine, I will say that sometimes her pity party did get a bit irritating, but then I put myself in her shoes and I thought, well actually, I maybe would be the same…minus the alcohol…I cannot stand the stuff.

“I feel like I’m the sky and the earth is reality. And the horizon…it’s just the sky and the earth appearing to touch, but they never do. I want to touch reality, Dylan. I want to live in it. I want to feel like I’m here…in this world…”

This story is one big angst fest, seriously. Jay McLean has always had that knack of destroying me with words and this book was no different. I spilled many tears, my heart felt like it had been put through the emotional wringer and I was physically and emotionally spent, but at the end of it, I knew that I had read a good book. I always say that when an author can illicit those kinds of emotions they have nailed it and Jay McLean certainly did that…with gusto.

“Time means nothing when forever’s in play.”

It was great to catch up with the gang…all of them…mayhem ensues as always and it is this that brings some much needed light hearted humour into this book. The introduction of Dylan’s family was an added bonus and I would love to know more about Eric, Dylan’s brother. I also loved the interaction between Dylan, the heroine and Dave, Dylan’s best friend in the marines. Dave was such a vibrant, hilarious character and once again brought some much needed humour, he was an absolute hoot and I always looked forward to those scenes where he made an appearance.

“You’re just a little broken, _____. That’s all. Now you just have to let me be the glue that keeps you together.”

So this was the grand finale and this series certainly goes out with a bang. While Jake and More Than This will always remain my favourite in this series every single More Than Man has a special place too. Jay McLean always delivers with her characters, whether they be the men or the women. They each have their individuality, those little character traits that you cannot help but remember. The books are always littered with the Jay McLean brand of humour that always makes you chuckle and laugh out loud but she always brings to the table the emotion, you live and breathe her books, you feel everything and she is one of favourite authors because of that.

“Sometimes you need to have the nightmares to appreciate the dreams.”

I had had a really emotional reading few days, the day before I was Hoovering, today I had been McLeaning, so while the “house” is sparkling my eyes were only red and stinging with tears.

“Sempre Fidelis.”

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