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Blog Tour, Review & Excerpt ~ Dirty Filthy Rich Men (Dirty Duet #1) by Laurelin Paige


Dirty Filthy Rich Men, an all-new sexy, contemporary romance from NYT Bestseller Laurelin Paige is available now!!!


Book Description:

Dirty Filthy Rich Men by Laurelin Paige Genre: Contemporary Romance

From NYT Bestselling author Laurelin Paige, discover a whole new world filled with sex, love, power, romance and dirty, filthy rich men.

When I met Donovan Kincaid, I knew he was rich. I didn’t know he was filthy. Truth be told, I was only trying to get his best friend to notice me.

I knew poor scholarship girls like me didn't stand a chance against guys like Weston King and Donovan Kincaid, but I was in love with his world, their world, of parties and sex and power. I knew what I wanted—I knew who I wanted—until one night, their world tried to bite me back and Donovan saved me. He saved me, and then Weston finally noticed me, and I finally learned what it was to be in their world.

And then what it was like to lose it.

Ten years later, I’ve found my way back. Back to their world. Back to him.

This time, I’m ready. I've been down this road before, and I know all the dirty, filthy ways Donovan will try and wreck me.

But it’s hard to resist. Especially when I know how much I’ll like it.

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Reviewed by Donna ~ 4 stars
***ARC received for an honest review***

“He knew the secret I hid behind smiles and nods, and now I knew the agony he hid behind ice and steel.”

Dirty Filthy Rich Men picks up ten years after Dirty Filthy Rich Boys, don’t worry if you have not read this free prequel, it is included in this book too!! Ten years on since Harvard, ten years since Sabrina’s paths have crossed with Donovan Kincaid and Weston King, what could possibly happen once their paths cross once again?

Laurelin Paige delivers one infuriating, frustrating read, that is what happens. Infuriating and frustrating in a good way because I couldn’t put this book down but none the less I found myself tearing my hair out at times. This book induces the need to drink wine and for a teetotaller like me, that is testament to how bloody annoying these characters were.

“…You should never tell anyone about us because there is no us.”

Sabrina, Sabrina, I wanted to bash her around the head quite a lot in this book. I honestly loved her as a character but her fixation with Donovan Kincaid left me reeling. Donovan treated her like shit and yet she kept going back. DOORMAT! Any sane woman in her shoes would have sent him packing eons ago but she just keeps going back. The sexual tension between these two is seriously off the charts hot and the bedroom scenes between these two were fantastic. Donovan definitely lives up to the title in this book, he was certainly a Dirty Filthy Rich Man and that is Sabrina’s fascination with him in a nutshell.

“There were men who were intended for futures, and there were men who were intended for filth. Donovan was intended for filth, and he was wise to lay it out from the beginning.”

For me, I didn’t feel an all-encompassing love connection between these two, it felt like it was purely carnal but I do feel that this will come in the next book. Both these characters are broken in their own way and Laurelin Paige did give me the answer I was desperately waiting for but not till the end of the book and it did go some way to explaining the reasons that Donovan is the way he is.

“I wanted to run. I wanted to stay. I needed escape, but I needed him too—with every part of me, I needed him. Needed him to fill me and fuck me and bend me and break me, and, oh god, it was going to hurt when he did. I needed to run.”

Donovan is extremely closed off, not only protecting himself but the ones he loves too. When Donovan loves, he loves hard and fierce, but sometimes how much love is too much before it becomes unhealthy and dangerous?

“You can’t spend the rest of your life punishing yourself for something that you didn’t intend to happen. You can’t spend the rest of your life alone.”

I did have a hard time connecting to Sabrina’s fantasies, for someone that had been in her shoes it didn’t sit right with me, but each to their own. I am sure it does happen but personally I couldn’t see myself wanting to do that sort of thing. This may be a trigger for some, so please be warned.

“I could have anyone’s mouth on me… Any woman I want. Money can buy the prettiest lips, the most famous mouths, the deepest throats. And still, for ten years, all I can think about is your mouth. It’s only yours I want. Why can’t I get over your goddamn lips?”

Overall though this book was addicting and intoxicating, the sexual chemistry was scorching and with every scene between these two characters the pages combusted with sexual tension and dirty, dirty sex. Weston was a bit of a washout in this book and I have to be honest and say I was looking forward to a bit of a duel between these two but in Sabrina’s eyes there was only ever going to be one winner.

“A Dangerous Devil, that’s what he was. A Dangerous Dark Warrior Devil.”

I cannot wait for the next one though. The appetite has definitely been whetted and I desperately want to know what happens next. Bring it on Laurelin Paige!!


After she was gone, I walked over to the windows and drank in the scene. The Town Center was high enough that it had an unblocked view of downtown Manhattan, Brooklyn, and beyond. 

Giddiness surged through me, starting like a pinprick at my center and moving out through my veins in all directions until even my fingers and toes felt warm. 

I was really here. 

I made it. 

It wasn’t the way I thought it would be, but in the end, it still came out of my time at Harvard. I’d always known that connections made the difference in a career, and here I was. Finally. At the top of the world, looking out. 

I couldn’t stop grinning. 

“It’s incredible, isn’t it?” a male voice came from behind me. 

Still smiling, I glanced up and caught his reflection in the window. 

And everything disappeared. 

The world that had buzzed below, the beautiful scene, the excitement that had unfurled through my body—all of it evaporated and all that existed in its place was a pale, hollow shell of myself and the man in the perfectly tailored suit behind me. 

I turned to look at him directly. Our gazes smashed together, and my legs nearly fell out from under me. 

“Donovan,” I rasped. It was a miracle that I managed to find enough voice to say that much. 

And there was so much more that had to be said. So much more that I hadn’t prepared for. Which was ridiculous since I’d talked to him so many times in my head over the years, practiced so many conversations, but never did he show up out of the blue looking so dastardly handsome in a dark gray three-piece suit, his face rugged with scruff, his eyes hazel and earnest despite the playful smirk on his lips. 

I opened my mouth to say something, but nothing came out. I wasn’t even sure how to breathe anymore. 

He broke our gaze to nod out the window at the skyline, walking toward me as he said, “I’m sure you found the Empire.” 

Though his focus was now on the scenery, I didn’t take my eyes off him as he approached. He didn’t stop until he was right beside me. So close our shoulders would touch if I coughed. Tension ran off him like foam spilling over from a mug of beer. Good tension. Bad tension. I wasn’t sure if there was a difference when it came to Donovan. 

Which was why I was screwed if he was here. 

Why the hell was he here? 

“I thought you were in Tokyo.” I couldn’t stop staring at him. He’d gotten more refined with age, and rougher at the same time. His hair was short and his curls gone, giving him a polished look he lacked before. The lines by his eyes were more defined and his expression seemed harder than I’d remembered. It made him sexier. 

As if he was a man who needed to be sexier than the one I knew. 

“I came back two months ago,” he said offhandedly. “That’s it right there.” He leaned his face in close to mine as he pointed to the famous structure. “Do you see it?” 

Fuck if I cared about the Empire. I was in Donovan Kincaid’s orbit. What else was there in the world?

About the Author:

USA Today and New York Times Bestselling Author Laurelin Paige is a sucker for a good romance and gets giddy anytime there’s kissing, much to the embarrassment of her three daughters. Her husband doesn’t seem to complain, however. When she isn’t reading or writing sexy stories, she’s probably singing, watching Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead, or dreaming of Michael Fassbender. She's also a proud member of Mensa International though she doesn't do anything with the organization except use it as material for her bio. She is represented by Rebecca Friedman.

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