Friday 31 March 2017

Friday Frights ~ PNR Review ~ The Alpha's Secret Family: Howls Romance by Jessie Lane

Book Description:

Dia has just moved to a new city to run her own hair salon. She doesn’t have time for the hot guy who won’t stop asking her out, yet she can’t seem to stop thinking about him.

Stone Blaylock is the Battletown Packs’ Alpha and his mate has just moved into town. Problem is, she’s human. Therefore, he has to win her over the old fashioned, human way—by dating her.

Things are looking up for Stone when he gets his mate to fall in love with and mate him. 

However, there’s someone out there who doesn’t like that the Alpha’s new mate is human. When their plan to kill her backfires and Dia survives, but she doesn’t remember anything, including Stone, or the circumstances that left her alone, hurt, and pregnant.

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Reviewed by Shirley ~ 4 stars

This book has a lovely story. A story of persistence with an Alpha male knowing what he wants and going all out to get it. Love and also betrayal.

The love story between the two main characters, Dia and Stone, although slow to start off with grows into some very hot loving indeed.

Dia has just moved away from her home and family in Nashville and had taken up her old mentor’s invitation to buy her Hair Salon in Batttletown so that she can retire. It was the only way Dia knew she could afford to own her own business and was grateful to her for the offer and quickly took her up on it.

It was very soon after opening up that she had found she had a very persistent suitor. Coming into the salon daily asking her out on a date. Even though she kept saying no, he just kept coming back until one fateful night after she had locked up the salon. Making her way to her car she was nearly killed by a black jeep racing at speed and driving erratically down the street. After throwing herself backwards towards the curb she found herself laying there with a very heavy weight on her, it was her very persistent suitor, Stone, saying as he had just saved her life the least she could do was go out with him.

Dia finally agreed to have lunch with him the next day. It wasn't that she was immune to him in fact she thought…

“The man was the epitome of butterflies in her stomach. Sex on a stick. Tall, dark and sinfully handsome.”

Unbeknown to Dia, Stone was in fact the Alpha of the Battlestone Pack and as far as he was concerned Dia was it. Even though she was human she was his mate and he was never going to let her go. To Stones relief Dia accepted everything about him and the two of them was blissfully happy

“Stone lowered is face until their foreheads touched. He wanted to surround himself in the intimacy of this moment between himself and the one he loved; soak it up until it was embedded into his being. She fulfilled both him and his wolf like nobody else ever could.”

But not everyone was happy with their mating as Dia and Stone found out to their cost. Leaving Dia badly hurt and suffering from amnesia and having the surprising news she was pregnant not knowing who the father was.

This is a great little book. One any reader would enjoy. The relationship between Dia and Stone can be funny and also very sexy. It also has enemies plotting in the background making sure you keep turning the pages to see what happens next.

Once again, a fabulous story Ms Lane. One I'm sure everyone will enjoy.

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