Monday 24 April 2017

Review ~ This Isn't Fair, Baby (War & Peace #6) by K Webster

Book Description:

***This is the sixth book in the series. First five books must be read in order to fully understand this story line.***

The king in my world fell and a new one slid into place. 
He wasn’t just. 
He wasn’t FAIR. 
He was cruel and hateful and twisted.

But I had this black king figured out.
Or so I thought.

The game became complicated because my black king had some new moves and one of those involved my heart. Hope trickled in for the briefest of moments.

That is, until my black king and my heart sided against me. Those two didn’t play FAIR. They used me as their pawn in a bigger game—a game I didn’t know how to play. 

The laws changed. I didn’t play by their rules anymore, for the queen makes up her own.

I am not a pawn.
I am not theirs to use and abuse.
I belong to nobody.

There are new players on the board and they don't play FAIR either. But the white king does know how to treat his queen. And together, they will make them pay.

All’s FAIR in love and war, right?
Definitely not this time. 

This Isn't Fair, Baby is a dark romance. Extreme sexual themes and violence, which could trigger emotional distress, are found in this story. If you are sensitive to dark themes, then this story is not for you.

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Reviewed by Donna ~ 4.5 stars

“I was a villain. And I finally found my match.”

This series has been a bit hit or miss for me, some of the books have been exceptional and others just OK but This Isn’t Fair, Baby is one of my favourites, I absolutely LOVED it. This is the sixth and penultimate book in this series and you need to have read the previous five books beforehand.

“First we fight. First we take.”

This Isn’t Fair, Baby is action packed from the very start and in true K Webster style is very dark, deadly and dirty. The twists and turns in this book had me on the edge of my seat and as another couple in this incredibly fucked up world meet their match I could not contain the smile I had from ear to ear.

“You make me weak. You think I’m going to pull some bullshit to trick you, but you have no idea how vulnerable you make me.”

Vienna (Vee) was a woman that I had yet to warm up to, she had been through so much and it is only truly in this book that you finally understand the woman and what exactly the Rojas had put her through. V is also for VENGEANCE and Vienna is adamant to get hers in this book. Many have crossed her, many have maimed her but would any of them live to tell the tale?

“I can’t be a prisoner again…”

Diego Gomez is a man that had caught my attention in a previous book and yet remained an enigma until this one. Women are his weakness and when he first sets eyes on Vienna he was a gonner. While he calls himself Daddy D and Daddy has always been a pet peeve of mine, in this book, it actually suited him, it was all part of this Columbian’s cockiness and apparently, he had a lot to be cocky about.

“You’ll be mine soon. And nobody fucks over my wife,” I growl as I nip at her lip. “Not even me.”

Diego though, despite being a “bad” man had some admirable traits, he was loyal to a fault, devoted to Vienna, extremely protective, dedicated and an amazing friend, but you cross him and all bets are off. Between the sheets though, this man truly comes to life and wears his heart on his sleeve. K Webster really delivered on the connection between these two, and after the shit hand that Vienna had been dealt, it was about time she found her King.

“I’ve slept in the arms of a real life monster. This supposed one doesn’t feel so scary at all.”

It seems fate works in mysterious ways and it looks like these two were destined to be together before they even realised. I loved this twist and although everything between them had been instant, the more I read about these two, the more I believed in them. These two were perfect for each other, both a bit nuts, but both nuts about the other. Vienna called Diego out on his shit, she stood up to him, but more importantly she stood up for him. These two complemented each other in every way and I adored their relationship.

“I guess we’re even then. Villains are my weakness.”

As ever, K Webster sets up the next book at the end and once again I am dreading what the hell is to come. This is the End, Baby releases on May 23rd and I am going to be incredibly anxious going into that one.

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