Saturday 20 May 2017

Review Week Round Up ~ Week ending 20th May 2017

This week we have reviewed NINE books!! It has been a great week and two amazing FIVE star reads!!

Have you missed one?

The Contest and Waiting to Lose by Dawn L Chiletz

Absolutely adored this duet and considering that this duet was this authors debut works I was extremely impressed!!

Dane by Leddy Harper

This book will definitely be on my top favourites of 2017 list. I loved everything about this book and was appreciative that the author delivered the story that the characters dictated rather than a cookie cutter romance.

The Wright Boss (Wright #2) by KA Linde

Awww these Wright brothers are simply to die for and while Landon needed to grow a pair...when he does, he more than makes up for it.

Fallen Crest Forever (Fallen Crest #7) by Tijan

This is definitely the end of an era as this series that I have been reading for the past five years comes to an end. I am Crest Fallen and extremely sad, but Tijan delivered a fitting ending that warranted a lot of tears!!

Captain by Lauren Rowe

Lauren Rowe has fast become one of my favourite authors. Her writing style never fails to captivate me and her sense of humour is always prevalent in her writing. Captain was a fantastic addition to her catalogue and fully deserved the five stars it received.

Plus One by Aleatha Romig

I absolutely love Aleatha Romig's writing, but up until now it has all been dark, suspenseful and intriguing. With Plus One, Aleatha Romig delivers a romantic comedy, her first foray into the genre and she nailed it.

Magnolia Grove (The Complete Series) by JB McGee

JB McGee never fails to deliver with her romantic, emotional reads and Magnolia Grove is no different. This was an adorable second chance romance and I loved it.

Enemies Like You (Enemies with Benefits #1) by Annika Martin and Joanna Chambers 

After the free prologue that these two released as Enemies with Benefits my appetite was well and truly whetted for this M/M James Bond meets Rambo, espionage and spies thriller that ticked all the boxes. While this did not go the way I expected, I more than loved what I got and this was a book I could not put down.

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