Thursday 20 July 2017

Review ~ Start Me Up by Maggie Riley

Book Description:

He's arrogant, sexy and aloof. And now I have to write his book. 

Jack Willis is every bit the start-up prodigy—seriously smart, inventive, and totally sexy. With his incredible mind, extraordinary body, and a bank account with more zeroes than you can count, he would give the sharks from Shark Tank a run for their money. Everyone from Wall Street investors to drooling house wives wants a piece of him. Everyone except Libby Hanson, that is.

Libby Hanson is a crafty, curvy bombshell, more accustomed to macrame and crochet than fine dining and stealth engineering. She reads, she writes, she drinks wine with her cat...and she's never even heard of Jack Willis until she lands an interview that will change her life forever.

Jack needs a book written—and fast. His sexy new car is about to be released on the market, and a New York Times bestselling book would be the perfect marketing push to get his business to the next level. He could have any writer he wants: but he wants Libby. She's feisty, gorgeous, and has a way with words like nobody else.

To write his book, Libby has to see everything he does. She gets thrust into a brand new world of A-list red carpet events, meetings with executives, and long nights in the workshop that grow increasingly intimate. But to write a bestseller, Libby needs more. Their connection is off the charts, but she'll need to discover the real Jack—the man behind the inventions, the man who's steadily stealing her heart. Jack has secrets—lots of them—and Libby will do anything to get the scoop. With Jack's true nature coming to the surface, Libby finds herself torn—will she expose the man everyone is dying to get the dirt on? Or will she protect the man she is slowly but surely falling for?

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Reviewed by Donna ~ 3 stars

“I didn’t deserve her…But I wanted her. I wanted to be the person she imagined me to be.”

I am a sucker for books about authors so when I saw the blurb for this one I had to buy it. Self-made billionaire meets author should make for some interesting reading…right? Well, not if you are Jack Willis. Jack Willis was a man that kept his private life, just that, PRIVATE. No-one knew anything about the man that built his fortune from nothing, was a revered man in his field and one of the most highly sought-after targets for gossip mags and journalists. Hoping to quell the curiosity surrounding himself, Jack hires a ghost writer to write his autobiography, however, not willing to cross those personal lines makes for extremely boring reading, but at least the ghost writer is a helluva lot more entertaining. Maggie Riley delivered a fun, cute read and whatever you do, click the link at the end to get the bonus chapter…sigh.

Libby Hanson was a refreshing character, she had that naturally bubbly, infectious personality and was as laid back as they came. People could take her as she was or not bother at all, what you see is what you got. Libby was honest, didn’t have a negative bone in her body and was loved by everyone, except Jack Willis…or maybe not. Libby was a crafty woman, knitting, macram√© etc were her forte and what she normally wrote about. When her best friend sets her up for this interview she doesn’t know what she is signing up for, could this be the best or worst career move that she has ever made?

“…Someone who ignored all my rules. Ignored all my orders. Someone who did what she felt was right, even when I tried to block her at every turn. She knew me.”

Jack Willis was intriguing from the very beginning, while my suspicions about his private life were correct I admired his reasoning behind wanting to keep them private. Jack was a fantastic boss, everyone loved him, he knew the company inside out and from the bottom up. Jack was a hands-on boss trying to deliver something he loved while protecting the environment. Jack’s business ethic was admirable, as was the man. I simply adored him.

The chemistry between these two from the beginning was always simmering, but the more time they spent together the more the spark ignited and while this is a little bit instalove, it didn’t really feel that way. There were a few editing issues which were a little distracting in the beginning but they seemed to dry up as the book progressed so please do not be put off. This was my first read by Maggie Riley and it won’t be my last. Thoroughly entertaining, totally engaging and really enjoyed this authors writing style.

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